“IT’S TIME” — Edward Snowden Just Issued A Mysterious Warning On Twitter

The ex-NSA temporary worker and informant Edward Snowden posted a tweet yesterday. He requested that his previous associates reach him with an enigmatic message saying “Now is the ideal time”. He likewise labeled columnist Barton Gellman.

The NSA informant posted a baffling tweet on Aug 3. He said, “Now is the ideal time” and asked for his previous partners, most likely who were working with NSA, to reconnect with him. Snowden additionally specifies the name of Barton Gellman.


Gallman was the lead columnist in WSJ’s NSA-spill scope in 2013-14 and he additionally talked with Snowden when he was in a state of banishment in Russia. He retweeted Snowden’s tweet. Likewise, his last tweet resembles an affirmation of Snowden’s message.


Gallman’s tweet incorporates a connection to digitally marked message. In the message, Gellman has requested that individuals help him with any data about Edward Snowden and his work life at NSA, CIA, Dell, Booz, and the time Snowden served the armed force.

He will utilize those perceptions and data in his book DARK MIRROR: Edward Snowden and the American Surveillance State.

The late occasions have most likely started a sentiment interest. What “time” is Snowden alluding to? Is it true that he is arranging another disclosure or it is only an easygoing message for a get-together gathering with his previous associates or only a tune discharge?

Snowden is additionally dealing with a hostile to observation iPhone case. Does it have any association with this tweet? Nobody has the answer aside from him.

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