How an EC Council Ethical Hacker Certification (CEH) is Worth it

There are multiple IT training programs available, each with their own benefits and intended uses. But for any IT professional looking for a skill which will make them highly employable and help to do some good at the same time, certified ethical hacker training from Koenig Solutions is a great investment.

It is a little known and utilized IT skill that is becoming more important than ever in the industry, with an ever increasing demand for trained professionals.

What is an Ethical Hacker?

The term ‘hacker’ at first glance seems to have some shady connotations, especially with hacking becoming such a hot button issue lately. There were even allegations of illegal hacking playing a major role in recent election results. An ethical hacker, sometimes known as a white hat hacker, actually works to prevent and cut down upon these serious security threats to keep valuable data safe. They are regularly employed by private companies and the government and military. PC World describes it as improving computer systems and networks to prevent data theft and fraud. Essentially, it is keeping on the legal side of hacking and ensuring that others do the same. Ethical hackers will be trained to think in the same way as a black hat hacker in order to catch them, but won’t associate with or emulate them.

Benefits of CEH Certification

There are multiple reasons why a CEH course will pay itself off and become a valuable part of any IT professional’s resume:

  • Skills will always be in demand, regardless of the economic climate
  • Spending on IT and security services has been growing each year
  • Spending on IT and security services has been growing each yearNew ethical hackers can already earn $50,000 to $100,000 each year, depending
  • New ethical hackers can already earn $50,000 to $100,000 each year, depending on their other experience, according to
  • High levels of job satisfaction
  • Wide range of possible working locations
  • Recent high profile news stories could easily result in an increased demand for ethical hackers
  • Number of worldwide training locations with accommodation available
  • Regular classes starting every month
  • 98% pass rate
  • Wide range of security related jobs available upon completion
  • Large online community of ethical hackers to share tips and experience with
  • Practical based tuition with qualified instructors
  • Interactive learning environment
  • Chance to expand your network and meet others in the industry

In addition to these benefits, Toms IT Pro says that the course is inexpensive, with an application fee of only $100, and the basic courses can take less than a week to complete. Previous experience in a relevant industry or a Bachelors or Master’s degree in IT can help with job prospects, but otherwise no other formal training or experience in the field is required. Basic knowledge of networking and server components are the only requirements for acceptance on the course.

With ethical hacking and data security more essential than ever, it is a good time for IT professionals to consider CEH training. Not only will it improve their job prospects but it can be done cheaply and quickly.

Check out the online prospectus today and decide if it is the ideal career for you.

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