DracOs Linux v3.0 “Kuntilanak” Released!

Dracos Linux is the Linux operating system that is open source and built by The Linux From Scratch. This operating system is one variant of Linux distributions based on security testing of course for penetration testing purposes. Dracos Linux does not use GUI-based tools instead CLI (command-line interface) to perform its operations and tools.

Dracos development is initiated by Zico Ekel (The founder of the Indonesian Backtrack Team and the originator of Dracos Linux).

What differs from the older version? Dracos “Kuntilanak” implements “Rolling Release“. Dracos Linux future development has its own package manager, named venomizer. Thus you can track, download and compile package using venomizer.

Dracos V3.0 “Kuntilanak” Specification

Public License : GNU/GPL v3
Version : 3.0 (beta)
Arch : x86_64
Based on : LFS 7.10 Systemd
Kernel version : 4.9.5
Size : 3.2 Gb

Download Dracos

Below link display list of Dracos download link from the oldest and the latest Dracos version, and also repository list. You may download the latest version, which is V3.0

Dracos Linux Forum And Contribution

Yes, dracos linux has numerous fans around the world, thus the developer build their forum to connect them to the users. Follow this link to join dracos linux forum.

If you want to contribute to Dracos Linux development further, then join the forum. And if you find bugs on dracos, report the bugs! They has particular page containing reported bugs found.

Report bugs :

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