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Tutu app, recently that has been pretty popular for downloading free apps and games especially modded version of Pokemon Go. It is a chinese appstore that provides cracked apps and games for free. This app store is now very popular and receiving huge amount of visitors from all around the world although it is in chinese language. The basic fact that it has become popular is it was the first platform that released the fully modded pokemon go game version with walking hack, gps hack, fake location hack and more.

Besides tutu app also has a lot of other modded, cracked and hacked apps and games too that are not easily available anywhere else. Worst thing is, this appstore has users from all around the globe, but the language it is in is only chinese which will bother you a little finding the apps but you will get used to it once you started using tutu app. Tutuapp is also called Bunny Assistant. So, you can also search it for by using the name bunny assistant. This app has a monogram of a small cute Bunny as the name indicates.


Tutu App – Android and iOS

Tutuapp Android and tutuapp iOS is available for both the iOS and android operating systems. And I am here today because I will show you how you can download tutuap  for both iOS and Android. Separate steps by step tutorials will be provided below.


So, guys to download tutuapp on your phone just follow the procedure below. Moreover the app is available to download without jailbreak on iOS and without root on Android Os. As one thing just came to me that, if language is a problem for you then you can use the Google Translator for a specific phrase to translate it into english or desired language. Just copy the text you want to translate and paste it in the translator.

Also, you know that it’s famous for Pokemon GO. Whenever the new version of pokemon go is released then you might have to wait a little. Because on tutuapp, pokemon go will update but after a short time. Not at the same time time of its official update.

TutuApp Features

Some amazing and stunning features of tutu app are,

  1. Most importantly and most valuable, it is free on both iOS and Android.
  2. In iOS it can be downloaded on jailbroken and unjailbroken devices.
  3. In Android it can be installed on rooted and unrooted devices.
  4. Optimized for both tablets, phones and desktops.
  5. User interface is efficient and pretty decent to use.
  6. It also has built-in, memory optimizer and cache cleaner which are handy.

Download and Install Tutu App for Android – TutuApp Apk

To download tutuapp for android follow these steps below.

  • First of all unlock your phone and connect to any internet connection.
  • Open any web browser on your device.
  • Type the URL: “” search.
  • Tutuapp’s official website will open and below will appear an option to download the app for your android device.
  • Tap on the big Green button to download it. Now press on the yes button and the app will start downloading in the background.
  • Let it download completely. Now on your phone, go to Settings>>Security, scroll down and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Go back to download folder where tutuapp is downloaded. Tap on it and install the package.
  • Now go to the apps drawer and launch the app. Enjoy free apps and games.

Download Tutu App for iOS – Tutuapp iOS 9/9.1/9.2/9.3/9.4, iOS 10

For iOS user the steps to download the appstore on any iOS version are given below.

  • Unlock your iphone or ipad and connect to the internet.
  • Open safari browser, type the URL “” and search.
  • Tutuapp’s official website will open.
  • Below there will be a green button to download tutuapp on your iphone.
  • Tap on the green button and tutuapp will start downloading and installing on your phone.
  • When it is installed on your iPhone. Open it from apps drawer. It’ll ask you to trust the enterprise developer.
  • You can do so by going to Settings>>General>>Profiles. Scroll down to untrusted profiles and trust the profile of tutu app.’
  • After that go back, launch tutuapp and enjoy free apps and games.

So, that is it. I hope you have perfectly installed tutu app on iOS and Android. If you encounter any problem then feel free to drop a comment below. Also share it and subscribe to our blog.

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