Download Pokemon Go for iOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android

Here, we are going to Download Pokemon Go for iOS and Android phones. Well, How was your childhood spent? My favorite Pokemon were Pikachu. I used to watch all day and night after coming from school and spend my whole day watching Pokemon. I’m sure everyone of you must have watched Pokemon ones.

Download Pokemon Go!

Yes, finally we have a Pokemon Game after waiting so long and now it’s available on iOS and Android. So now without wasting your time you can Download Pokemon Go for free. You can stay in touch with all your favorite Pokemon not in the form of cartoon series but in game.


How to Download Pokemon Go on iOS?

Yes, we can Download Pokemon Go on iOS easily by moving on App Store or iTunes to Download Pokemon Go.


It require iOS 8.0 or later versions. Goto App Store or iTunes search for ‘Pokemon Go‘ by Niantic, Inc. Open up the accurate application and simply tap on ‘install’. By this you can easily have this application on your iPad or iPhone.

Download Pokemon Go
Latest Pokemon Go for iPhone/iPad & Android
Download Pokemon Go
Latest Pokemon Go for iPhone/iPad & Android
Download Pokemon Go
Latest Pokemon Go for iPhone/iPad & Android

But if somehow this app is not installing on your phone or you cannot find this application in your iTunes then it simply means that you are certainly not from US or Australia or Japan or New Zealand. This means that you are not illegible to download this application on your iPhone/iPad.

Don’t loose hope as there is still a way from which you can still have this application on your device. For that, follow the steps below.

  • Open up the iTunes of your apple device, then go to the ‘account’ menu and then finally tap on ‘sign out option’.
  • Go to the ‘view’ option, then ‘Media Kind’, then tap on ‘Apps’ to open the Apple App Store within the iTunes only.
  • You will be directed to a page and then navigate the page for‘Change Country or Region’ option which must be at the bottom, tap on it.
  • You must select any of these countries- Australia, US, Japan and New Zealand. I would suggest you to select Australia among all of them as there all the apps updates first.
  • Now, search for ‘Pokémon Go’, when it appears tap on it and then on install. Now a pop up will appear asking you to sign in with an Apple ID or you can create a new ID. Among them don’t go for signing in but create a new one.
  • Fill all the details giving an Australian address and phone number, google for it if you don’t know one. But if it will ask for credit card details, don’t simply put on the original one since it won’t be Australian, simply tap on ‘none’.
  • After that tap ‘Create Apple ID and it will be created and the application will be installed in your device.

How to Download Pokemon Go on Android?


For this, you can simply install it from Google App Store, all it requires is Android 4.4 or newer versions, if you are unable to find it there then consider downloading its apk file by following the steps below.

  • Run web browser on your phone and search for ‘Pokémon apk download’.
  • Download it from the official site, then go to the downloaded location and install it on your phone but make sure that ‘unknown sources’ is enabled.

Now, you can enjoy playing with all of your favourite Pokémon characters. Thats it about Pokemon Go for iOS(iPhone/iPad) & Android Devices.

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