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Difference of Residential and Datacenter Proxies

Internet is full of websites providing information regarding different methods to switch IP addresses. Every product is advertised in such a remarkable way that we get confused about what to do. We recommend choosing wisely by first getting clear about the available options.

You can hide your IP address from an intermediary server. There are proxies available for this service and they are pretty good in their function.

There are two types of proxies, both in different forms. These are residential and datacenter.

Differences of Residential and Datacenter Proxies


A datacenter proxy is less expensive than a residential proxy. Basically, in a datacenter proxy, IP addresses that are assigned by ISP are not mainly utilized. Whereas in a residential proxy, different IP addresses are used which are actually assigned by various ISP devices. So, a residential proxy is more expensive.


As we mentioned above that a residential proxy uses a real ISP allocated IP address, so it is not an easy task to track it. It is hard to detect that a residential proxy is actually a proxy. On the other hand, a datacenter proxy is secure and harmless, but if we compare both, a residential proxy is much better.


In residential proxy, your internet connection slows down sometimes as you use it with other devices. A datacenter proxy works without involving other devices and that is why it is good in speed.

Variety of IP Addresses

A datacenter proxy works independently, all its functions operate with its own server. This actually limits the variety of IP addresses. A residential proxy has way too many real IP addresses and that is why it consists of many options.


A datacenter proxy is more available as it is convenient to use and functions in a much faster way. A residential proxy is also available but far less than a datacenter proxy.

Which is better?

As you have seen both of these proxies are equipped with good features. There are slight differences but they depend on the purpose. What is the main purpose of using a proxy?

We recommend using a datacenter proxy for general research like browsing, market or academic research, your competitors, for collecting data, etc.

If the purpose of using a proxy is more sensitive for you like scraping data or other various projects which require more safety and privacy, use a residential proxy.


That is all for our Differences in Residential and Datacenter Proxies. Each of these proxies is really good and serves well. They contain sight differences mentioned above which can be chosen based on personal choice.

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