Design Of iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Pro

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qohZLBmXSks]
Each time is less for APPLE present the new iPhone 7, a terminal would not make a big change at the design level against the iPhone 6s, at least if we allow ourselves to recent rumors we’ve been seeing.

However the artist Glaxon Paul has given us his particular vision of what could be the next smartphone top end of Apple and its variant large format, which termed as “Pro” instead of “Plus”.

The result is fantastic and leaves us as we see an extremely thin terminal, which also would have anextended screen even entire lower part thereof, a detail that opens up exciting new possibilities.

With it we could for example get new visual effects , and change the design of the start button, putting logos or even personalize it with your own photos.

In the video hardware issue suggests the use of a CPU of eight cores and rear and front cameras of 20 MP and 12 MP, and also speaks of a 4K screen and a version with up to 256 GB of storage.

Clearly we will not see almost nothing said in the iPhone 7 real, perhaps saving the detail of 256GB and increased MP in the chambers, but that does not mean that this conceptual design is very attractive and interesting.

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