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DeepDotWeb Dark Web Owner’s Pleads Guilty Over Drugs and Money Laundering

As the buyers and sellers of illegal goods of the dark web got connected through DeepDotWeb, the administration had confessed the encounter of rebound and bribe

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) presented a report on Wednesday, declaring one of the biggest crimes committed by dark web DeepDotWeb owners.

The owner of DDW, Tal Prihar, is a 37-year-old Israeli citizen. He is currently dwelling in Brazil and has acknowledged running the Dark Web along with Michael Phan, who is the co-owner of the site. They are running this entire stuff since 2013. It was seized by Law enforcement in 2019.

DDW was a new portal adjoining the dark web. The US attornies have recently declared that the owners have received backlash from the traffickers of the illegal products. They have now filed money laundering charges against both these owners because according to reports, they earned over $8 million for their illegal actions.

According to the Acting Special Agent in Charge, Carlton Peeples, who belonged to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Pittsburgh field office that DeepDotWeb was a gateway to facilitate the illegal buying of products, for six long years, to include weapons, life-threatening drugs, and spiteful software. To further add, Prihar benefitted as an outgrowth from other individuals’ vicious transactions and today’s guilty plea sends a word to other cyber actors around the world who have a mindset of the dark web being a safe sanctuary.

The DDW has committed a number of crimes that include:

  • Connecting thousands of traffickers to dark web marketplaces
  • Getting involved in the process of selling drugs, heroin, crystal methamphetamine, fentanyl, and assault rifles
  • Stealing credit cards
  • Invading the private information of thousands of people for their personal use
  • Selling the hacking tools and techniques through their dark web

Through all these activities, they received an immense amount of kickbacks that resulted in earning black money in abundance through their commissions of sales and connections of drug traffickers.

They hid all the kickbacks through offshore companies and cryptocurrency wallets. The links of the websites of illegal businesses were hidden and were only accessible through an array of offshore networks. They were not visible on search engines, which kept their illegal website hidden for an extensive amount of time.

Both the individuals have been punished with up to 20 years in prison for money laundering, gambling, fraud, and trafficking.

In the past few years, the authorities have successfully put an end to the dark web commerce, ranging from the detention of 179 alleged drug traffickers to other arrests carried out in connection with the 2019 shutdown of Wall Street Market and Valhalla Marketplace back in September 2019.

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