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Dangerous infrastructure, computer attacks can cause human deaths

Cooperation between the public and private sector in the field of computer security is increasing day by day and dangerous infrastructure, information security experts working both sides of this relationship is in dire need of development.

According to the official website of the The “Aspen Institute” and “Intel Security” survey conducted jointly by the participants. According to the survey, the development of information security threats that could potentially cause the level of casualties could reach as soon as possible. However, 86 percent of IT Experts who deal with hazardous area infrastructure According to the joint support of business and government to provide protection skills essential tool for cyber-criminals are constantly developing. Interestingly, studies in the past three years, most of the improvement in the field of information security experts said. 50 percent of respondents said that organizations evaluate the security level that was lower than its level three years ago. It is an alarming indicator of the last three years, nine out of every ten experts (89 percent) administration launched a successful attack on the system faced a minimum of – ” SecurityLab

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