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(Time Warner) 320,000 Customers Password Might be Stolen

Time Warner Cables reached there customers and told them to update their Passwords it is not yet sure if the Customers data is stolen or not? They acknowledge on Wednesday that the information of their customers may have been stolen.

Hackers keep looking for unsecured business or companies and try to exploit them as an Ethical or White-hat hacker if they respond to the hacker with there needs then they get bounty by helping them closing vulnerabilities on their websites if not they try to Destroy there backups or leak sensitive informations like Passwords and Banks Details.

Although TWC said it hasn’t pinned down the cause of the incident, the company said it has found no evidence that its own systems were breached. The company said the FBI informed it of the data theft. TWC added that it is notifying customers via email and direct mail to change their passwords.

The theft centers on customers of Time Warner’s Roadrunner service, so those with an email address ending in rr.com in particular should change their passwords, according to NBC News. Roadrunner subscribers can change their passwords on the Roadrunner Password Reset Tool page.

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