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Credit Cards, Personal Information And Us Military Emails Leaked

In the course of the most recent few days, it has been uncovered that spilled U.S. military information was presented on pastebin.com. The spilled information, which was seen by Meethackers.com, has following been mostly expelled from the site.

The Hackers who are behind this spilled information are known as Ghost Squad Hackers. This time, they hacked into the U.S. military, spilling out touchy and private information, for example, Visa points of interest. Individual data, including telephone numbers, state points of interest, age, sexual orientation, and the salary was additionally spilled. Meethackers distributed the measurements of the spilled information:

  • 1000 Emails Approx
  • 2500 charge cards

Also, around 200 individual subtle elements (They couldn’t appropriately check it due to the expulsion of the spilled information from the web)

They likewise reported that they kept an eye on the NSA reconnaissance office; with the accompanying message abandoned:

“Welcome joined states government — We are Ghost Squad Hackers–,– Since 911 the late uprisings of contention in the center east you have propagated a bogus purposeful anecdote of terrorism from various initiated false banner occasions and assaults on your own one of a kind people, with practically compelling different nations to take you as a honest to goodness danger being you have an aggregate more than 900 bases outside your visitors. It’s an ideal opportunity to begin approaching on the off chance that you are truly for majority rule government or for growing your domain. We are seeing increasingly of your troops arrival in different nations, we are discharging Military authorities of your legislature from Visa data, to names and telephone numbers and messages. A sum of more than 5000 United states military staff will succumb to this assault, we are not apprehensive of your domain, your new rome will fall. Expect mayhem.”

Here are some of the leaked data:


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