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What is Crunch? How to Create Wordlist Using it!

What is Crunch? How can some buddy use it! What it helps to accomplish. Crunch is a tool which helps you to create WordList for Passwords Cracking! Crunch uses Algorithms to create Wordlist however or in whatever form you want. It generates all possible permutations and combinations.

Crunch is a Powerful tool which even helps you creating wordlist and can do more then that! You can Brute force directly WiFi Frequency! Rather then saving huge amount of Wordlist you can Brute force directly without saving passwords on your hard drive that will save your HHD/SSD usage or Storage.


Making a Perfect WordList using Crunch with Kali Linux



The basic syntax for crunch looks like this:

kali > crunch <min> max<max> <characterset> -t <pattern> -o <output filename>

Now, let’s go over what’s included in the syntax above.

  • min = The minimum password length.
  • max = The maximum password length.
  • characterset = The character set to be used in generating the passwords.
  • -t <pattern> = The specified pattern of the generated passwords. For instance, if you knew that the target’s birthday was 0728 (July 28th) and you suspected they used their birthday in their password (people often do), you could generate a password list that ended with 0728 by giving crunch the pattern @@@@@@@0728. This word generate passwords up to 11 characters (7 variable and 4 fixed) long that all ended with 0728.
  • -o <outputfile> = This is the file you want your wordlist written to.

kali > crunch 10 10 -t @@@@@@0728 -o /root/birthdaywordlist.lst

The @ sign is use to represent a wildcard of all possibilities, while the literals “0728” represent the fixed values.

Complex Wordlists with Crunch

One of the beauties of crunch is the ability to select a specific character set or create your own character set for generating your password list. If we know the likely character set the target is using for their password, we can select the character set to generate our password list. We can find the choice of character sets at:


Now, if we know that our target is using an eight character password with only alphabetic characters, we can generate a list of all the possibilities in crunch with the command:

kali > crunch 8 8 -f /usr/share/rainbowcrack/charset.txt mixalpha -o /root/alphawordlist.lst

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