AndroidiOSOtherSmartPhones – Still Crashing iSO Users as Well Android Users! using for loop which start loop from 0 to limited value or unlimited based what programmer has used, when ever you open The Loop start working and in URL Slug will be updated like this… and so on to maximum value given in loop.

Whenever iSO or Android users open that link the Loop start it’s working and casing that Devices to crash iSO start to reboot and Android Devices went too slow even we have to force to reboot.

It not only affect Mobile Devices it also affect Mac Safari Browser and Windows Machine as well.

As you can see the above screenshot where Google Chrome is consuming 848.4 MB of Memory. Because of Loop starting in Address bar of your Google Chrome.

Have a Look at JavaScript based loop which casing too much trouble for you! People can send that link to there friends to prank them, It can be sometimes dangerous for your Device hardware and software.

This history and URL overload leads mobile browsers to crash and desktop ones to hang (You should still be able to force-quit the application if it’s stalling). “What were you expecting?” reads the only text on the page.

Clicking on the nefarious link could result to a major annoyance — unsaved data could be lost — but it’s unlikely to cause any lasting damage to your device.

The bug is old, but the joke is new, so exercise caution in following links until the jokers in your online acquaintance tire of sending friends’ phones into death spirals. Like any other joke link (a “Rickroll,” for example), this one may be disguised with an URL shortener like or bitly.

Noor Qureshi

Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Network Security and Information Security.

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