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Clipboard on iPhone? Learn How To Save And Access!

“Cut”, “Copy” and “Paste” are all terms you should be familiar with. You’ve probably used these features before. It saves time and effort when the same message or text needs to get entered in multiple places — it may be a text sent to several pals, account credentials, weblinks, and other things.

All of this gets controlled by the iPhone clipboard. This article will guide you on where to find, save and access the Clipboard on iPhone?

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Where is Clipboard on iPhone?


The Clipboard on your iPhone is an internal feature that stores copied content temporarily. When you copy a text on your iPhone, you can paste it into any app in its original format. Cut, Copy and Paste are all available on your iPhone.

However, the iPhone does not allow you to edit clipboard content while on the road. You can’t even see the Clipboard itself. By default, there isn’t a way to achieve this.

We will answer your questions about where is Clipboard on iPhone and how to access Clipboard on iPhone.

How Do You Access Your iPhone’s Clipboard?

The Apple network gives you access to various tools and applications that improve your user experience. There is no program, however, that you may use to retrieve the iPhone clipboard.

This is because the iPhone clipboard uses virtual memory. It isn’t stored in the system. When you restart your phone, the contents on your Clipboard are lost.

We have to use unconventional means to get the job done because there isn’t a default choice to access and edit the Clipboard.

After that, let’s look at how we can do it.

1. Create a shortcut to edit the Clipboard on your iPhone.

The iPhone shortcuts app allows you to create task automation by combining actions from numerous apps.

You can use a collection of pre-existing shortcuts with the factory default settings. Furthermore, you have the freedom to create your shortcuts.

To access and edit objects on the Clipboard, a custom shortcut can get readily established.

How To Make An iPhone Shortcut For “Show Clipboard”

  1. Launch the Shortcuts app. Create-a-shortcut-hacktoday
  2. Select the Gallery Menu from the drop-down menu. Create-a-shortcut-hacktoday
  3. Look for “Adjust Clipboard Or Show Clipboard” in the search box. Create-a-shortcut-hacktoday
  4. Press the Add Shortcut button to enable your shortcut.
  5. Return to the My Shortcuts tab.
  6. Look through the list to locate your freshly generated shortcut. Create-a-shortcut-hacktoday
  7. Toggle the Adjust Clipboard shortcut on or off.

You may now use this shortcut to edit the contents of your Clipboard while on the go!

Rather than going through the list of shortcuts one by one, you may utilize Siri to activate your shortcut immediately. A single verbal command is all that is required. “Hey Siri, open Adjust Clipboard,” for example.

2. Using Clipboard Managers from Third Parties

If you wish to manage the Clipboard on your iPhone actively, you’ll need to use third-party apps. On the iOS app store, you’ll find plenty of free and premium clipboard manager apps. Examine their qualities and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

You can also take a look at our list of recommended clipboard management apps.

Clip+, for example, is a well-known free tool that lets you make affiliate links, directions, and Apple Watch snippets.

It’s an excellent multimedia clipboard program that lets you copy and manage everything you’ve copied. It also detects the sort of media you’re copying and informs you what the snippets contain at a glance.

Copied, Paste, Anybuffer, and others are among the top-rated apps.

3. Accessing the Clipboard on iPhone using the Notes App

The location of the Clipboard on the iPhone, as well as how to locate and access it, is a difficult question to answer. As a result, we’ll need to take a detour and employ some simple techniques.

After that, let’s look at how you can use the Notes app to make the iPhone clipboard a little more accessible.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Notes app. Clipboard on iPhone
  2. Create a brand new note. Clipboard on iPhone
  3. Paste the material you copied earlier into the newly created note. Clipboard on iPhone

This is a clever and efficient approach to keeping track of your clipboard contents and editing them as needed. Only one item can get stored at a time in the iOS Clipboard.

Using the Notes approach, on the other hand, you can save a limitless number of items without having to change any of them.

Some people may find this procedure tedious. Therefore we recommend sticking to the first two ways presented in this post.

4. Access and save your previous clipboards with SwiftKey.

Among the most famous third-party keyboards for iPhone and iPad is Microsoft’s SwiftKey.

On your iPhone or iPad, here’s how to use SwiftKey to save, access, and manage current or previous clipboards:

  1. Install SwiftKey, open it, and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. To use SwiftKey, navigate to iPhone Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard and select it. Then, tap SwiftKey and select Allow Full Access.
  2. After you’ve finished configuring everything, open notes or another program that has a keyboard, now, instead of using the built-in Apple keyboard, press the globe or emoji icon to switch to SwiftKey.
  3. On your iPhone, copy text or a link, which gets stored on the iOS Clipboard.
  4. Tap the small plus (+) icon in any app or screen where the SwiftKey keyboard appears.
  5. Toggle the clipboard icon on.
  6. Select Save. This Clipboard is now permanently preserved in your SwiftKey keyboard.
  7. To access your stored clipboards, repeat steps 4 and 5. Tap the clipboard icon to paste or insert it from there.
  8. Swipe left and hit Delete to delete the Clipboard. Finally, hit Edit to change the order in which your clipboards get saved. Your clipboards are also visible and controllable in the SwiftKey app > Settings > Clipboard.


On my iPhone, how can I go to the Clipboard?

To get to your iPhone’s Clipboard, launch the Notes app and press and hold the text field until a menu appears. To paste the text from the Clipboard, tap “Paste.”

Where is Clipboard on iPhone?

In the bottom-left corner of your iPhone screen, you’ll find the Clipboard. It’s a blue clipboard icon on a white background.

How do I access clipboard history iPhone?

There are a few options for retrieving items stored on your Clipboard.

One method is to open your web browser’s “History” tab and look for anything that has gotten copied to your Clipboard.

A clipboard manager, such as ClipboardFusion or Clipboard Manager Pro, is another option. These tools will provide a list of everything that has been copied to your Clipboard and allow you to search through it.

What is the location of my Clipboard?

Your Clipboard is a temporary storage location for copied text or images. It lets you quickly access the information you’ve copied without having to look for it manually.

What happens when I copy a text?

Text is preserved in your Clipboard when you copy it. It can get pasted into any program that accepts text input.


We hope this article helped you find, access, and save Clipboard on your iPhone. Let us know your experience in the comment sections below. Good Luck!

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