Chipgate, Is your iPhone a Victim?

Over the last several versions of the new Apple iPhone, we have seen some great work the way because of scandal or controversy. When we saw the iPhone 4 released, shortly after there was “Antennagate”. Antennagate is the original name that Steve Jobs set forth debate about the iPhone 4 antenna after several people were complaining about dropped calls.

Later when we saw the iPhone 5, there was a “Scuffgate”. Scuffgate happened when consumers buy a brand new iPhone, open the box, and the device is brand new private commercial scruff marks, scratches, nicks small right out of the box.

Finally, in the last year with the iPhone models 6S, and we see Chipgate. Chipgate is basically a huge drain of your iPhone battery.

While the iPhone 6S seems to be the same everywhere, they are not. Differences in two different iPhones lie beneath the skin of the phone itself. Apple is using the A9 processor chip, the defect is in the third company in which the chip is developed. And thanks to manufacturing “Hiccups”, Apple was forced to use two different manufacturers in the development of A9 chip.

Samsung and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) are the two companies that have the task of making the A9 chips to Apple.

When you look at the specifications of both companies A9 chip, we see that the chip 16 nanometer TSMC is actually slightly larger than the 14-nanometer chip from Samsung. TSMC chips have also been reported to hold a one and a half to two hours length of battery life, which is longer than the smaller version of Samsung.

Several people are upset that iPhone 6S or 6S Plus because they are not aware that the models are wearing the chips created by the manufacturers. However, you can find this information after the purchase of the new iPhone.

You will have to see what model number it has. The easiest way is to download and install too Lirum device information, this application is created by “Rogerio Hirooka”. Once you have the launched application, the number of iPhones models shown in the storage and information box model.

iPhone 6S:

*Model: N71mAP -> TSMC
*Model: N71AP -> Samsung

iPhone 6S PLUS:

*Model: N766mAP -> TSMC
*Model: N66AP -> Samsung

If you are one of the few lucky people in which possess the TSMC A9 Processor Chip, you can have a little bit of peace of mind. If you would like to watch a video, Austin Evens created a video on YouTube to demonstrate the differences between the two.

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