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Changes to Facebook Groups API Access After Another Data Leak

Facebook recently announced some changes to it’s Facebook groups API access. Facebook announced that it reached out to 100 partners who might have accessed and retained information including usernames and profile pictures and it is unclear that they have abused any personal information for there members yet.

Since April of 2018, we’ve been reviewing the ways that people can use Facebook to share data with outside companies. We’ve removed or restricted a number of our developer APIs, such as the Groups API, which provides an interface between Facebook and apps that can integrate with a group.

Facebook said it doesn’t have proof yet that claims they have abused personal information of there users. They haven’t disclosed any information which apps or developers accused of holding such an information but they said they’re primarily “Social Media Management and Video Streaming Apps”. They also haven’t disclosed the number of impacted members.

Facebook will reach out to those developers and ask them to delete any information and data that they hold and conduct audits to ensure that the data has been deleted.

It is about time that Facebook takes some concrete steps to safeguard user data. A series of leaks including the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal has tarnished its image amongst users beyond repair and such leaks will further degrade its reputation.

William Keener

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