Can’t connect to WiFi? Here’s How to Fix It?

We all have been here, the point where your internet connection or your device made you lose faith in the world. It was in the middle of an important meeting, just at the moment when you were going to make that star comment; your internet gave up on you. You had to be back up as soon as possible but the device is failing to establish an internet connection. Here we discuss various ways in which you can re-establish your internet connection from no or limited internet connectivity real quick!

Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s dive into ways to fix it:

Step 1: Check other devices if they can connect

Before initiating the troubleshooting process, make sure that your device isn’t the only one facing limited internet connectivity. If other devices at your home can connect to the same internet connection, then the problem is more likely to be with your laptop or phone and not the internet connection.

However, to check if every device in the range of your internet connection is facing the problem try connecting your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi. In the case of an Android phone, an exclamation mark will appear next to the Wi-Fi symbol, and in the case of Apple phones, a message stating no internet connection will appear in the Wi-Fi settings.

Step 2: Try Rebooting Your Computer

This step applies if only your device is failing to establish an internet connection. In that case, try restarting your laptop or smartphone device. This will help the device clear its cache, as it can put a little extra load on the machine’s operating system thus making it act fishy.

In most instances, a simple restart solves a seemingly big problem, so don’t shy away from trying this step instantly. Just restart your computer, wait for a couple of minutes and then try connecting to the internet, if you are lucky, you will successfully establish a connection to the internet.

Step 3: Try Restarting Modem and Router

Restarting the modem and router device is always a great idea since it is only natural for them to be clogged with the information they continuously receive and process. Restarting them will clear the cache and help them work more efficiently. Moreover rebooting these devices will let them download all the pending updates that will enhance the firmware while fixing all the potential bugs causing the loss in performance.

Therefore, switch off the power button supplying to these devices, wait for a couple of minutes, and plug the devices back in the electrical socket. The Modem/router will establish a stable Wi-Fi connection in about 5 minutes and your internet connection will most likely be up and running, in case it doesn’t, move on to the next step.

Step 4: Check the IP Settings

An IP address is one of the most crucial things when it comes to establishing an internet connection with your device. When you attempt to connect to the internet, your router sends out an IP address to be received by your device. If the IP settings of your device aren’t in place, the internet connection will not be established effectively, leading to limited or no connectivity. To ensure that the settings are in place, open your device’s Control Panel, go to Network and Internet Settings, now click on Change Adapter options and choose the options that states Obtain an IP address automatically. Now check the box that states Obtain DNS address automatically now click OK and try reconnecting to the internet. This step only applies if your settings are not in place as mentioned above.

Following these steps should get you a steady internet connection instantly but if this still doesn’t help, consider trying the next step.

Step 5: Call your Internet Service Provider

If you cannot get a steady connection to the internet after performing all the above-mentioned steps then we suggest it is high time you contact your internet service provider. A diligent representative at spectrum customer service will be happy to explain the reason for these fluctuations 24/7. If the problem is a serious one, they will send an expert your ay right away, to ensure you get the best internet experience of your lives. Having a reliable internet service provider under your sleeve helps you bypass such experiences altogether, and Charter internet is one of them. Not only it offers seamless connectivity at all times but also instant solutions to any connectivity related issues, if and when you face them, via its superior quality, round-the-clock available customer service.

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