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BusKill – The Unique USB kills your Linux laptop if stolen in a public place

BusKill – The unique USB Kill Cord switch to the Linux Machine to self-destruct your data:

BusKill a new Dead Man USB kill laptop toggle for Linux machine to activate, shut down, or clean out the Linux machine if stealing happens.

The “BusKill” cable was developed by Michael Altfield, a Linux expert. It is powered by commands from the USB & udev.

BusKill makes use of udev (device manager that detects when external devices are plugged), $4 USB drive with durable keyring hole, small & strong carabiner keyring to attack with belt loop $6, $7 USB magnetic breakaway adapter and $3 1-meter USB extension cable.

BusKill: Let’s imagine a possibility that you’re in a public venue and that the robber might steal and run away with your laptop to access the sensitive data.

The thief may have direct exposure to all personally identifiable information and the other sensitive data may be posted to the public, financial loss or other potential consequences may occur.

The cheapest $20 BusKill from Michael Altfield helps you to lock, shut down, or self-destruct while totally isolated from you.

BusKill uses udev (device manager detecting when connecting external devices), $4 USB drive with a long-lasting keyring hole, small & strong carabiner keyring for belt loop attacks of $6, $7 USB magnetic breakaway adapter and $3 1-meter USB extension cable.

If the USB magnetic breakaway adapter was grabbed by the laptop, it gets removed from the laptop and this would cause a removal operation.

You might create an udev policy that you might set rules to disable, shut down, or self-destruct your laptop when the USB drive is disconnected.

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