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Bug Bounty – WIN Million for Hacking iOS 9 – Zerodium

Bug Bounty Program for Hacking iOS 9, WIN Million for Finding Exploits/Bugs in new iOS 9, Latest zero-day vulnerability that allows hackers to hack into your iPhone Remotely found on iOS 9.

WIN Million for Hacking iOS 9

Who Found that Exploit?

An Unknown Group of Hacking Team Found an Exploit in iOS 9, Bug Bounty Startup Zerodium just announced about the team that Found a vulnerability in iOS 9, They claim to hack every iPhone remotely using that Zero-day exploit.

How much amount will that team get?

$1 Million isn’t a good amount? 🙂

The hack itself seemed possible. Zerodium took advantage to work through Safari, Chrome, text message, or multimedia message. This means that hackers would not have to find only one vulnerability, but rather in the chain that will enable it to jailbreak an iPhone from afar. Once jailbroken phone, pretending that hackers can download the application to your phone or even malware. It can also be a killer for surveillance and law enforcement agencies to spy, which makes the details of these situations even more unsettling.

Before, A Bug bounty Program was announced by Zerodium for finding a Exploits in non-jailbreak Apple Products through.

  • A web page on Safari or Chrome browser,
  • In-app browsing action, or
  • A text message or MMS.

Why that’s a Security Threat?

Every Time hackers found exploits in Apple Devices and get Paid by Bounty Program. The Difference between Jailbreak Payload, the Code that Executes on victim Device after Exploitation the same exploit can allow them to install any app they want with full privileges i.e. Spyware, Malware, or Surveillance software.

Do you WIN?

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