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Bug Bounty Program Tor Security Hacking!

Hack into Tor Security Firm and Get Paid From Bug Bounty Program.

Now that iOS jailbreak and 9 has been generous $ 1,000,000 paid hackers to do, the security company, Zerodium has turned its sights on another great service, anonymous network Tor. It is offering cash rewards premium to hackers who can break the Tor anonymity network and reveal the identity of users worldwide.

Bug Bounty Program Tor Security Hacking!

Breaking Tor seems favorite trick around the world this weekend as it comes less than 24 hours after the developers of Tor Project accused the Federal Bureau of Investigation at Carnegie Mellon pay $ 1 million to attack Tor.

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Zerodium is a security research company that pays high cash rewards to hackers and security researchers are zero-day exploits. You can make money by paying hackers to deeds and then sell those same feats governments all over the world, and companies in the defense, and technology companies, and financial industries. Zero-day vulnerabilities are programs important that no one has yet discovered. The company made headlines earlier this month when it was awarded $ 1000000 hackers to run the risk of Apple’s latest iOS system company in September.

Tour prices Zerodium can take advantage of the new zero-day up to up to $ 30,000 million to $ 1, according to Forbes magazine. It did not reveal Yes Zeriodium the amount paid by the Tor hack, but he stressed that the hackers to be paid “excellent bonuses” to “focus on the exposed weaknesses of the danger points”, which means that the pirates can expect a lot of money to get his job.

He said founder Zerodium Zhaouki Bekrar Forbes zero-day break Tour “is the Holy Grail of the exploits of government agencies responsible for criminal investigations,” Thursday….

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