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The 5 Best Ways To Download Instagram Videos On iPhone

Saving Instagram videos to your iPhone is a fantastic idea because Instagram videos consume a lot of data from your internet package. You watch thousands of great videos on Instagram reels and IGTV daily, but what if you want to save some of these films to watch offline or share with your contacts on Whatsapp, Facebook, or another social network?

The official Instagram app does not enable the option to download and store videos or photographs to your iPhone, iPad, or any iOS device, as most Instagram users are aware. So, we’ll show you five quick methods of how to download Instagram videos on iPhone.

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5 Quick Methods To Download Instagram Videos iPhone

Following are some methods of “how to download Instagram videos on iPhone“. We will discuss each method step by step. Let’s start.

1. Download Instagram Videos on iPhone Through The Shortcuts App

Before You Get Started: Allow Untrusted Shortcuts in the Shortcuts section of the iPhone Settings app.

  1. By clicking this link, you can get an Instagram Media shortcut. Scroll down to Add Untrusted Shortcut and tap it.
  2. On your iPhone, open the Instagram app and navigate to the post you want to save. 
  3. In the upper left corner of a photo or video, tap the three dots icon. Then select Copy Link. shortcuts-app-hacktoday
  4. Tap the Instagram Media shortcut in the My Shortcuts section of the Shortcut app. shortcuts-app-hacktodayshortcuts-app-hacktoday
  5. When prompted, choose OK to grant this shortcut access permissions. The Instagram photo or video will then be saved to the Photos app on your iPhone. shortcuts-app-hacktoday

Helpful Tip: Add this shortcut to your iPhone’s Home Screen for easy access. It will no longer be necessary to open the Shortcut app each time. From the Home Screen, copy the post link and touch on the Instagram Media shortcut.

2. Download Video Instagram iPhone Through The Instagram Video Downloader

You can also download Instagram videos on iPhone through the Instagram video downloader. Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit on your iPhone running iOS 13 or iOS 14 in Safari. Instagram-video-downloader-hacktoday
  2. In the upper-right corner, tap the hamburger icon. After that, select Instagram Downloader. Instagram-video-downloader-hacktoday
  3. You’ll find several options for downloading images, videos, and IGTV, among other things. Please select the one you require by tapping on it. Instagram-video-downloader-hacktoday
  4. Open the Instagram app and go to the Image or video you want to see. In the upper-right corner, tap the three dots icon. After that, select Copy Link. Instagram-video-downloader-hacktoday
  5. Please copy the link and paste it into this website’s SEARCH box. Enter the account username if you wish to download IGTV. Instagram-video-downloader-hacktoday
  6. Select Download. It’ll open in a new tab for you. Re-press the Download button. Instagram-video-downloader-hacktoday
  7. Select the downloaded file by tapping the arrow icon.
  8. Choose Save Image or Save Video from the Share Sheet by tapping the share icon. The Instagram post has been saved to the Camera Roll successfully.

Note: was used in the preceding steps. Other similar websites, such as are also available. The procedures are nearly identical.

3. Download Instagram Videos On iPhone Through Screen Recording

You can save an Instagram photo by taking a screenshot and then cropping off the areas you don’t want. For Instagram video posts, you can record your complete iPhone screen. Follow the below steps for screen recording:

  1. Open Control Center
  • Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen on an iPhone with Face ID (where the battery icon is).
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on an iPhone with a Home button.
  1. Tap the Screen Recording button to record the iPhone’s screen. screen-recording-hacktoday
  2. Everything on your iPhone, including notifications, will be recorded after three seconds.
  3. The screen recording will get saved to the Photos app after you end it.

4. Make Use Of A Reposting App

Repost applications get usually used to share another person’s Instagram post on your page. Before you tap the final repost button, these apps save the file locally on the iPhone Camera Roll.

As a result, this small trick can be used to download Instagram photographs as well. To remove the username from the picture, most of these programs demand a premium purchase.

5. How To Save Instagram Videos Using A Downloading Website

SaveInsta is a free Instagram downloader that allows you to quickly and effortlessly download Instagram videos to your iPhone. This website lets you download all sorts of Instagram videos to your device, including reels, IGTV, and Instagram feed videos. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Instagram app and navigate to the Video you want to download. By touching the three dots above the Video and selecting “Copy Link,”. Download-Instagram-videos-iPhone-hacktoday
  2. Open the SaveInsta website’s Instagram Video Downloader and “Paste” the video link into the box. “View” should be selected. downloading-website-hacktoday
  3. To download the video, click the download tab once it has appeared. You’ll get a notice from Safari asking if you want to download the Instagram video post. Click the download button to confirm. The 5 Best Ways To Download Instagram Videos On iPhoneThe 5 Best Ways To Download Instagram Videos On iPhone
  4. Safari Download will be used to save the Video. To watch the video, click the download icon. The 5 Best Ways To Download Instagram Videos On iPhone
  5. Tap “Save Video” from the sharing choices to save the Video to your Camera Roll. The 5 Best Ways To Download Instagram Videos On iPhone


Can you download Instagram videos on your iPhone?

On your iPhone, open the Instagram app. Tap the three-dot icon on the video post you wish to save, then pick “Copy Link” from the pop-up menu. Paste the link into the saveinsta website, click download, and keep the Video on your camera roll as an option.

Is it possible to save Instagram live videos?

You can save Instagram Live videos while they’re streaming through the screen recording option. You can download them once they’ve finished.


Instagram has maintained its dominance in the social media market, providing users with access to many photographs and videos from all over the world. Unfortunately, the policies of the social media behemoth prohibit users from downloading video content from the network. Moreover, this isn’t to say that you won’t be able to find interesting videos on the app.

In conclusion, there are various ways to save Instagram videos on iPhone, ranging from third-party apps to the iPhone’s handy screen recording capability, as detailed in this article. We hope this post helped you figure out how to download Instagram videos iPhone. Share your experience in the comment sections below.

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