These Are 8 Best Keyloggers for iPhones and iOS Devices in 2022

Although you may have your motives for searching for a keylogger iPhone, this program can be beneficial. Parents, for instance, could use the software to monitor their children’s internet habits. Employers may use it to verify that their data is secure.

However, Are you looking for a reliable keylogger iPhone? For you, we have selected eight of the most famous and user-friendly keylogger iPhone options on the market.

What is a Keylogger?

A keylogger is a software program that logs keystrokes on the target device. You receive the data through a keylogger.

You can view the following with a keylogger:

  • If someone else is using your iPhone without your permission.
  • What is getting typed on an iPhone?
  • If usernames and passwords are entered.

8 Best keylogger iPhone or iOS

1. iKeyMonitor – The Best Keylogger iPhone or IOS


A keylogger for iPhones and iPads gets included in the iKeyMonitor cell phone monitoring app. They provide a risk-free trial. However, you will need to subscribe to an account to access all the features.

iKeyMonitor is compatible with a variety of operating systems. Before you install the software on an iOS device, you must first jailbreak it.

Social network activity, GPS monitoring, keystroke recording, call history, browser history, chat applications, and more are among the iKeyMonitor spying tools for the iPhone and iPad.

iKeyMonitor’s Best Features:

  • The program allows a parent to watch the target iPhone’s text messages, calls, and web browser.
  • Information from social media apps also gets tracked with iKeyMonitor.
  • The user has access to the target phone’s WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and WeChat accounts.

Above all, by taking automatic screenshots, iKeyMonitor protects your children from potentially harmful material. This gets delivered to the parent’s email address regularly. In addition, You may also use this spy program to turn your microphone into a listening device.

2. FlexiSPY


A sophisticated iPhone keylogger capability got included in the FlexiSPY espionage program. There are three pricing options available with FlexiSPY: Lite, Premium, and Extreme. All three subscriptions support iPhone and iPad devices.

The Extreme package is required for the FlexiSPY iPhone Keylogger. You may also listen to and record live phone calls with this subscription. You can also look at their call history.

This program can access browser history, chat platform interactions, and media file discovery.

FlexiSPY also allows the user to manipulate the target device’s camera. The ability to manage the camera from a distance is one of the app’s advantages. FlexiSPY is a parental control or employee surveillance program. Keep an eye on your partner through FlexiSpy.

3. mySpy


mSpy is the parental control software that allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s iPhone activities. This software includes one of the most efficient keyloggers. You may see whatever the target iPhone owner types on their device with it. mSpy reliably captures everything in list format, including communications, login credentials, and search queries.

The keylogger feature displays typed words, revealing a few other bits of information, such as the program used to write the text and the timestamp.

4. Spyic


This spy tool has all of the industry’s standard functions, including phone data monitoring, GPS location, browsing history, and more. It also includes a capable keylogger.

Like IM and social network chat tools, Spyic uniquely organizes your findings. On the left side, there is a list of apps, and clicking on them brings up a list of all the text typed in those apps.

You may view the time and date of the incident in addition to the actual text. This allows parents to filter the apps they want to look at first quickly.

5. Pumpic iPhone Keylogger


This keylogger got designed for parental tracking purposes, such as protecting children from bullying, cyberstalking, sexting, and other forms of inappropriate online activity. The keylogger function is part of the Pumpic program, which is displayed on the target device, letting the person you’re tracking know you’re watching them (SMS, the web, calls, social networks, GPS location, pictures and videos, and many more.)

The data obtained on the target device gets transmitted to the control panel, which is the device you specify.

6. MinSpy


Minspy, a well-regarded iPhone and iPad keylogger, works with the most recent versions of iOS. This app also has the added benefit of being undetectable. It does not necessitate any downloads. Furthermore, the target device does not need to get jailbroken.

You may check the user’s phone actions from your web control panel using Minspy. You may use the app to check your messages, record calls, and track your whereabouts. Furthermore, when people type their usernames and passwords, you might be able to figure out what they are.



XNSPY is a popular iPhone monitoring app with several unique features. This program can record surround noises and track phone logs, messages, installed apps, geolocation, and photographs. The software also contains “Remote Control” functions that allow you to wipe or lock your phone from afar.

Again, you’ll need to jailbreak the device before using XNSPY to keylog it. This will necessitate some effort. Moreover, this program is very user-friendly and also very strong.

8. Spyier


Spyier is a popular app among people who want to watch their spouses. The software has a fantastic stealth feature. Without the target user’s knowledge, it can keylog their activity. Furthermore, this program is simple to set up and utilize.

You’ll be able to keylog crucial device activity such as texts, social networking apps like WhatsApp, and browsing history. The data gets sent to your web user account regularly. Moreover, you may set the update timings on a jailbroken device.


In conclusion, an iPhone’s keylogger can expose a multitude of information. Moreover, you can learn if your youngsters are hanging out with the wrong people or if your employees are missing work without cause. All of the apps on our list of best keylogger iPhones are feature-rich and well worth your time.

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