15 Best Deepfake Apps To Have Fun With in 2022

Deepfake apps are used to modify visual content produced by powerful Artificial intelligence, resulting in synthetic images and noises that appear to be genuine. In most circumstances, the resemblance of someone else is used to substitute an individual in an existing film or photograph through Deepfake apps.

There are various Deepfake apps to have fun with. This blog post is about the best Deepfake Apps to have fun within 2022.

These Are The 15 Best Deepfake Apps

Here is a list of 15 Deepfake apps 2022:

1. Face swap Deepfake app

Face swap is a top deep fake program that allows you to produce the most hilarious and spectacular images to wow all of your friends and acquaintances. Aside from providing accurate results, the key advantage of this software is its simple design with multiple functionalities. The Face Swap deep app’s most impressive feature is its ability to match animal faces. You may have your face replaced with that of a bold tiger or an adorable cat.

Install: AndroidiOS

2. Zao Deepfake app

Zao, a Chinese deepfake technology software, quickly gained popularity and went viral in China. Zao’s deepfake technology allows users to swap their features onto movie characters; it allows users to submit any film and make a deepfake in minutes. The app is only available in China, and it swiftly makes incredibly realistic-looking films in minutes. The app allows users to select from a large library of movies and photos. Because Zao’s algorithm is largely trained on Chinese faces, it may appear odd to outsiders.

Simply submit a snapshot of your face with the app, and it will integrate it into a movie clip, even customizing your speaking gestures. Of course, it’s not very accurate, but it’s a lot of fun.

Install: Android / iOS

3. Deep Fakes Web

It is a deepfake software that operates online. Deepfakes Web allows users to produce deep fake films on the web; however, unlike other applications, it takes about 5 hours to curate a deep fake video. Using its deep fake AI-based algorithm and deep learning technology, it learns and trains from the videos and photos supplied.

This platform is an excellent choice if you want to learn more about the technology underlying deep fakes and the intricacies of computer vision. It enables users to reuse learned models in order to enhance the video and make deep fakes without utilizing a trained model. The platform costs USD 3 per hour and guarantees total privacy by not sharing data with third parties.


4. Deep Face Lab

It is a Microsoft application that allows users to generate deepfake films. Rather than viewing deepfake technology as a game, this software tool enables users to better study and comprehend the technology. Deep learning, pattern recognition, and human image synthesis are employed. DeepFace Lab is a platform designed primarily for academics in the fields of machine learning and computer vision. To use the application, the user must first understand the documentation and have a powerful computer with a high-end GPU.

DeepFace Lab may provide high-fidelity findings that are indistinguishable from traditional forgery detection methods. It can de-age faces, replace the complete head, and even modify a voice in addition to effortlessly shifting faces.


6. Face Play – Face Swap Videos

Face Play combines two facial traits into one by using a person’s picture and a target face. It is a straightforward app that guides you through the process of creating a video (short clip) of your face.

The app includes a plethora of face-changing short video themes. Simply choose one, click your photo, and you will be the star of the video. You may also use additional effects to enhance the video and share it with others. Overall, it’s a fun tool for creating original content and increasing social media likes.

Install: iOSAndroid

7. Reface app

With over 100 million downloads, Reface is one of the most popular Deepfake applications on the Google Play Store. The software is mostly free to use, with the exception of a lot of advertising and a download restriction in the free edition. You may also purchase the premium version, which removes advertisements and allows for unlimited downloads and quicker face processing.

It performs an excellent job at replacing faces. However, if the character in the video moves a lot, the software fails to maintain the face intact. Overall, it’s one of the most enjoyable Deep fake applications to play with. Both Android and iOS versions of the software are available.

Install: Android / iOS

8. Face App

Wireless Lab, a Russian firm, created Face App. It employs neural networks to make incredibly realistic face alterations in pictures.

The program may make your face grin, seem older, look younger, or simply have fun with gender-swapping, among many other amazing alterations. Tattoos, vignettes, lens blur, and background overlays are also a component of the Face App.

Because of its realistic gender-change alterations, the app drew a lot of attention from the transgender and LGBT communities in 2018. It has also experienced criticism on social media and in the press about the privacy of user data.

Install: Android / iOS

9. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is a one-of-a-kind deepfake app. It works with photographs rather than videos and allows you to create works of art from them. Its algorithm is inspired by and trained on the works of legendary painters such as Van Gogh, Picasso, and Michelangelo.

Upload any image from your collection, select one of the various styles, and watch the AI change it into one-of-a-kind artwork.

Install: Android / iOS

10. Jiggy Deepfake App

Jiggy is a deepfake app capable of making anyone dance. Not literally, but in the shape of a GIF picture that moves. To make a dancing deep fake, all you need is a face and a few dance steps. The app will combine the two to create a perfect deepfake that is sure to lift anyone’s spirits.

This is made feasible via the app’s motion transfer technology. It transforms a photograph of a person into an interactive animated character.

Install: AndroidiOS

11. Face App – AI Face Editor

This software is driven by an AI face editor that employs cutting-edge technologies such as Neural face editing technology.

There are more options such as altering the hair color, adding a grin, applying cosmetics, color and style, youthful and old filters, tattoos, and many more. With this gender switch option, people all around the world generated quite a stir. It makes the transfer and is quite realistic, with no glitches.

Install: Android / iOS

12. Wombo

It is a lip-syncing app that transforms users’ faces into singing faces. There is also a song collection to choose from, and users may insert any preferred character into the picture to sing along with it.

Wombo has Adobe quality and also makes singing videos, but it appears animated and unreal. AI technology is used to allow deep fake situations.

Install: Android / iOS

13. My Heritage

It become popular as a deepfake app due to its ability to reproduce and animate vintage pictures. The app is well-known on social media for its simple features; all that is required is to submit an image and tap the animate button. My Heritage extends the transitional feature over the entire face, including the eyes and lips. It can also read and move facial emotions.


14. Face swap live

Face Swap is an application that allows users to swap faces in real-time with others. Users may use the app to make films, apply filters, and publish them immediately on social media.

Face Exchange Live, unlike most other deep fake applications, does not use still photos and can instead do a live face swap using your phone camera. This app makes good use of computer vision and machine learning.


15. FaceSwap

FaceSwap is one of our favorite open-source apps. The app can easily replace the faces of humans and animals in videos and produce some decent Deepfakes. It’s open-source, which means that the source code is available on GitHub, and you won’t have to worry about your data or privacy.

The app is compatible with both Windows and Linux. The only issue with FaceSwap is that it needs a strong GPU. Face processing via CPU cores may be incredibly time-consuming, and speed and usability are what set FaceSwap apart from other Reface Apps. Deepfaking a video also takes a lot of effort, but if you’re eager to learn, the creators have produced thorough tutorials for doing so.



All of the apps listed above will be useful to you. You may surely utilize these advanced tools if you are interested in learning about machine learning and how your face changes. If you know other apps let us know in the comment section.

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