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Best 6 Ways To Fix “Photos cannot open this picture” on Windows 10 And 11

As soon as the transition of Windows 11 took place, a lot of issues have been occurring with Microsoft from time to time. One issue which has been faced by people a lot regarding Microsoft Photos is usually with opening and viewing some specific photos.

Photos Cannot Open This Picture on Windows 11 and 10

The app is not as bad as it might seem, it functions well. The main problem seems to be with the size issue of the picture. Sometimes the size of the image is bigger than that of the limited size which your PC type can control. So problems circulate with HEIC Files. To solve this issue, we got you the Best 6 ways to fix “Photos cannot open this picture” on windows 10 and 11.

Install HEVC Windows Extension

  • First, sync the iPhone camera folder to OneDrive.
  • An error would be shown, which will then show a link to download HEVC video extensions which would be from the Microsoft Store.
  • Click on the link given related to HEVC video extensions.
  • Here you will get a description of HEVC video extensions with ratings, reviews, and all the related information.
  • Buy the video extension, which would be $0.99.
  • The file would then be opened.

We failed to understand why HEIC videos are treated like videos and why we need to pay for a basic extension.

Reduce Image File Size

Most of the time we cannot open an image because its size is too big. Opening large files in the Microsoft Photos App is always a big risk. Its solution is quite simple. Just reduce the file size by editing the image with software such as Adobe Photoshop etc.

It is not necessary to download software. You can also reduce the size with the free web apps

This web app would help you for your reducing image size work.

Convert Images to JPG or PNG

Most of the time JPG or PNG files work perfectly with Microsoft Photos. For solving the issues with Apple’s HEIC image, you can simply convert HEIC to PNG or JPG.

Once you converted the images from HEIC to PNG or JPG, your images would be opened through a file manager.

Repair Photos App

If the problem is still there then you can simply just repair the Photos App. Here’s how,

  • Go to the Settings app on Windows 11.
  • Open the Apps menu.
  • Click “Apps & features”.
  • Now Scroll and get to Microsoft Photos.
  • You will find a three-dot menu, Click on it.
  • Now go to Advanced options.
  • Under the Reset menu, select the Repair button.
  • Windows will automatically fix issues with the Photos app.

Reset Microsoft Photos

While using this app you first need to be extra careful as it might lose all your data by logging you out from the Photos App. So do the process from the start.

  • Go to Settings on Windows 11.
  • Open the Apps menu.
  • Now select “Apps & features”.
  • Select the More menu.
  • Click on Advanced options.
  • You can click the Reset button from the menu.
  • Now open Microsoft Photos.
  • Sign in to it with your account of OneDrive.
  • Now open the images.

Update Microsoft Photos

Sometimes your Microsoft Photos apps are not updated and that’s when problems mainly arise. To fix this, simply go to the Microsoft Store. Open the Library menu and install the latest version of Microsoft Photos.


That was all for our solutions regarding fixing “Photos cannot open this picture” on windows 10 and 11. Hope these solutions work out for you.

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