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Best 10 Instagram Tips and Tricks for 2022

There is no denying fact that Instagram is the most popular and entertaining social media app. We all love sharing photos, videos, and stories there and also like to watch limitless entertaining stuff there as well. Instagram is not just limited to entertainment, it is quite successful for businesses and according to recent reports, it would remain popular for the next ten years.

Best 10 Instagram Tips and Tricks

Keeping in view the obsession and era of Instagram, we listed out Best 10 Instagram Tips and Tricks for 2022 for you.

Download Reels with Audio (Free)

Instagram Reels are no doubt the most fun feature of the app. These short yet entertaining and informative videos are quite attractive. Some of these reels are highly capturing to the eyes. So, if you want you can save these reels on your phone. You can do that with the help of different Reel downloader apps like Saverr, InstaSave, Insaver.

Watch Instagram Stories Ghostly

At times we want to watch stories of certain accounts but we don’t want them to know. For any reason, if you want to watch stories ghostly, you can actually do that, without having to make a fake account.  Although the app itself does not have any such feature through 3rd party app, we can easily do that.

  • Go to
  • Write the username of the account you want to stalk.
  • Select Continue.

And there you go. You can now watch the stories and the account manager won’t even know. Just to mention, stories can also be downloaded shared on other apps from here

Read Instagram Message with sender getting “seen”

WhatsApp has the awesome feature of off-read receipts for chats. Unfortunately, Instagram does not contain this feature for DMs. Sometimes you want to read the DM but do not want to reply. You can actually do that with a little trick.

All you need to do is simply restrict the account. Their comments from your posts would get hidden. All their DMs would move to requests and requests can be seen and read without the account manager’s awareness.  You can read all the messages in the requests and they would never be marked as seen.

Post Pictures with music

Music enhances the attention of the viewers and also increases your reach. The main reason reels got popular and get the highest reach is due to the music. Adding catchy music to your content makes it 100 times better. Luckily enough, we have the feature of adding music to our stories, videos, and pictures

While simply posting your picture, go under the location and get your desired music. Apply it to your picture and post it.

Post same content with collaboration

In the past collaborating on Instagram was quite different. Now, Instagram has introduced by far the coolest feature ever. You can post the same content either its story, picture, video, reel anything with any account in a collaboration post. You can now collaborate with your friends, partners, and other cool accounts. This would help your reach grow more and overall it’s a fun thing to do on the app.

Share tweets directly on Instagram stories

In the past sharing, a tweet on your Instagram story was a legit pain. You needed to screenshot it, then crop edit, and then share it on Instagram stories. If you are someone who likes both apps, we have a piece of good news for you. You need not worry about sharing content between apps. You can directly share any tweet on Instagram stories as now Instagram has developed this cool feature.

Add a link to stories

At the start Instagram only allowed 10,000 followers’ accounts to add links to their stories. But now things have changed. Anyone can upload and share links on their Instagram story even if they have fewer followers than 10,000.

Reply to comment with reel video

Just like TikTok, now Instagram users can also avail this feature. It is actually quite useful as well. You can reply to comments by not just a comment but also through a reel. When you reply with a reel, you get comments in the form of stickers pasted on that reel. This would no doubt motivate your followers to comment more under your posts and overall engagement would increase. Apart from that explain or replying in the video would get your message across better than merely a typed comment reply.

Save Mobile Data

Instagram has this useful feature called save data. Now that Instagram mostly contains reels, it consumes so much of our network data. It is better to turn on Data Saver to save data. this is no doubt one of the Best 10 Instagram Tips and Tricks.

See who unfollowed you

There are many third-party apps that allow you to see who unfollowed or followed you on Instagram. In case you are really curious you can check that out.

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