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Beginner Way To Remove RATs From Your Computer?

To start, you should already have an AntiVirus… If not, I would recommend Malwarebytes or HitManPro, they are amazing programs to remove malware.. trust me, its a must have programs to have in my opinion…

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[Dont Have an Antivirus/Malwarebytes on your hugely infected computer?]

Alright so lets say you have been infected and you dont have Malwarebytes/Antivirus.. If you have two computers, I would grab a USB/or a disk and put malwarebytes or whatever antivirus you want onto it and insert it to the infected computer.. If not and its hugely ratted and you barely can do anything like moving the mouse and clicking applications, I would put it in restore mode and restore the whole thing.. It depends on what type of computer you have so you might want to search on google on how to restore your computer to factory settings! Youre files and everything will be deleted but better than stolen accounts lol

1. Alright so for the people whos Ratted and their mouse randomly moves and camera turns on randomly every once in a while, you might want to install malwarebytes or an antivirus program, now scan it with Malwarebytes first and you should be pretty set.. [ If you succeed to install but the guy wont let you do sh!t? go to second step..]

2. [RAT Active? cant do crap?]
Turn your computer off and press F12 or F10 To get into safe mode (Depends on your computer, look up safe mode tutorial on your phone or something not ratted obviously and search on google) If it does work, pick Safe Mode WITHOUT Networking… It should start loading and you will be in a version of your pc without Networking and the RAT should be Inactive.. Now, you can try putting in the USB/Disk with Malwarebytes or whatever you prefer that works as good as Malwarebytes and run it!, You can run any program (that doesnt require internet) since it is safe mode (WITHOUT NETWORKING)…. Just scan and remove… [Turning off Network will make the person Ratting lose connection] <— HitManPro <—- Malwarebytes

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