Researchers Predicted Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Machine Will Write Most Software Codes

Most Software Code Will Be Written By Machines By 2040, Researchers Predict

Soon there would be a situation when no programmers would be needed coding and development of programs because all the work would already be done by the machines.

Here, let’s take an example, consider a programmer as a sweeper who just did the floor and then all of a sudden someone else comes and does the floor all over again.

In this scenario, “someone else” is machines. Here, do you think the programmer would be needed anymore?

A Prophecy by GitHub CEO was made that there won’t be any future for coding. At least he says that he doesn’t see any. Similarly, the researchers at Oak Ridge National laboratory, Tennessee, say that all the codes in near future would be written by machines.

A (PDF) paper came into notice under the title “Will humans even write code in 2040 and what would that mean for extreme heterogeneity in computing?” in which researchers stated that considering the prevailing conditions of programming and coding it is inevitable that programmers wont be needed anymore and all the production of coding would be managed my machines (MGC) the use of artificial intelligence would be as common as in today’s devices. This is rather not a shocking but an expected situation with the creation of programs like Microsoft’s Deepcoder, Google’s AutoML and DARPA’s probabilistic programming for advancing machine learning  (PPAML) etc. Adding to it, AutoML and Deepcoder already use machine learning to produce executable codes.

Tools like DOG4DOG can easily produce whole of the knowledge bases. Code generation technologies like Eclipse modeling framework and Sirius, produce the complete data hierarchy, user interface and middle layer could be produced.

It is  ot secret that programming is also becoming standardized. So, the question rises that what is the last piece of puzzle for (MGC) The paper calls to understand the main problem caused by machines and it’s the final piece of puzzle.

Other major requirements for popularity and practice of MGC would be more working languages for machine-to-machine links and positioning of hardware resources for writing code. Paper also gives description of a number of essential research directions that could be followed in future.

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