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Apple’s Support From Technology Companies

US technology companies including eBay, Google and Amazon have Twitter and Air BN B while Apple support court battle with the FBI.

Syed Rizwan Farooq and his wife in an armed, attack on police in San Bernardino last December which killed 14 people answered kill them both. Some family members of those killed in the attack in support of the demands of the FBI.

Apple has filed an appeal against the court order yet, it says that it can not be forced to weaken the security of their products. Apple says that the move might risk suffering from trusted users and government agencies can access the way users access to confidential data.

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Twitter, Air BN B, eBay, LinkedIn counted and red and is among 17 major companies who have sided with Apple in the legal dispute with the FBI. Another group of technology companies submitted a joint statement to the court, but they are not part of this case. These include Amazon, Cisco, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Pinterest, Snap Chat, WhatsApp and Yahoo.

Intel and AT & T have built the collection brief statements on their own.

San Bernardino’s attack hit three shots after surviving husband of a woman salyhyn kandukr support Apple in the news agency Reuters, the other will support the families of the FBI.

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