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Apple vs FBI: Paid 13 Million Dollars For Hacked iPhone.

America’s Federal Investigation Agency FBI director James Komie said that his company’s seven years of his remaining tenure of the amount to iPhone Lock attacker San Bernardino and four months more income.

The Apple vs FBI and the US Office of Management and Budget figure annual salary since January 2015 James communal According to US $ 183,300.

Without bonus or any increase in salary James komie at the post during the duration remaining 13 million will receive $ 40,000.

It appears that the FBI paid the most money for any hacking techniques. The most amount of information security company which was paid million-dollar to open the phone.

During his speech to the Aspen Security Forum in London when the host asked the FBI if How to unlock iPhone James Komie said, far more than the revenue generated in the rest of their employment.

James komie but said I think, the money was not for this task.

Note that the US Justice Department said in March it had a third-party iPhone of attack of San Bernardino, with the help of the lock and the court case against the company to create iPhone Apple was deleted.

James Komi, told FBI also be used on other 5C San Bernardino iPhones using Apple used the iPhone software iOS 9.

It should be noted that the attack in San Jose, California State Bernardino Rizwan Farooq and his wife was killed and 14 people, Federal Bureau of investigation, was in their custody iPhone of Rizwan Farooq December 2.

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