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Apple Criticized the US Government’s Stance

IPhone maker Apple has accused the US Justice Department that he is trying to discredit the character of your company assertions. US Department of Justice and the dispute between the company is sure that he wants to open the phone from Apple iPhone to access data and Syed Rizwan Farooq attacked San Bernardino.

FBI got a court order in this arena has also asked for help from the company which. But the company says it is beyond the realm of authority and he is not in favor of the private information of your customers.

Says the US Department of Justice about Rusty Apple’s position is tantamount to self-organization trying to Feed the freedom and rights. Last month, the FBI, which had acquired the order of the court has been asked to create a new software from Apple can access the call by the government.

The Justice Department has accused Apple is also accused of helping the Chinese government about the iPhone’s security.

Apple general counsel Bruce COL are being held responsible if the tone of the reporter that the phone told her reaction was like reading. He said that everyone should be aware that it looks like it just means that you agree not to oppose evil and the United States, it may be a big lie.

Asteghsi claims this is that Apple’s own data shows that China has more than 4000 in the first quarter of last year the iPhone was asked to get information about and Apple said it had also provided to almost 74 percent.

But Bruce sevil said the new stance of the Federal Bureau of investigation in court based on weak sources of information the purpose of which is the wrong way to present this Apple iPhone users security worked with the Chinese Government to compromise with.

The Justice Department has told the Court that Apple’s attack on the FBI investigation, and this way, they want to present, as he is the private life of Americans I am guardian.

It says this kind of ‘ rhetoric is not only inaccurate, but the rust is worthy to feel our freedom and rights are the best of the old with the best traditions, laws and courts: fourth amendment, democratically elected Government of different institutions.

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