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Anonymous threatens Saudi Arabia: “Do not kill Ali”

The hacktivist attack sites and warn Saudis royals who will stop in front of the execution of the young man sentenced to death for participating in demonstrations of the Arab Spring.

ANONYMOUS back to the office. After several attacks on the sites of the Saudi government over the weekend threatens to touch only their country’s infrastructure “if Ali Mohammed al-Nimr not be pardoned.” The young 21-year old Ali Mohammed al-Nimr has been sentenced to death by crucifixion and beheaded for having participated in the events of the Arab Spring when he was sixteen years old “and inciting to riot” his friends via SMS.

The decision sparked a wave of protests around the world and the multiplication of online petitions, such as Avaaz, which has gathered a million signatures and to , launched by an Italian to seek pardon in favor of young. The new leader of the Labour Englishman sent a letter to Cameron to ask to intervene and “prevent the horrible judgment.”

The anonymous around the world have therefore joined forces to prevent the judge acted with the usual pattern. Launching the hashtag #OpNimr on Twitter, a series of tweets preset and creating a list of government sites to attack, finally sending offline sites of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Justice, and Information to the regime of the family Saud.

They later spread on Pastebin, the anonymous blackboard on which publish their press, many names of senior officers, and employees of the Ministry of Defence.

“Thousands of people die every year because of the Saudi government, and now will be punished for these actions. We do not forgive, we do not forget, wait for us.


” This is the charge of Anonymous against the regime. In two videos, one on 22 September, and another 26 the Anonymous asked to stop the execution by saying that the young Ali was tortured and forced to sign a confession in which self-reproach. While adding his voice to that the international community has asked to block the execution, Anonymous has included in its video communication a pointed swipe at the United Nations, which in the days of the death sentence of the young man has got the leadership of the Council for Human Rights at the United Nations helped secretly by the United Kingdom as evidenced by a dispatch of Cablegate spread by Wikileaks.

The fate of Ali at the moment is uncertain and no one knows whether the death sentence has been carried out, so the hacktivists are preparing for an attack in a big way. As reported by head International Business Time, sites affected so far are twenty, methodically DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service attacks), and “the crew external Antisec and Hagash have collaborated to collect dump database via SQL injection.”

This morning at 8:47 was taken offline for a short time also the Islamic Development Bank

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