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Anonymous, the message for the Million Mask March 2015

The group of hacktivists is preparing to invade the peaceful squares of major cities around the world. From the US to the UK, through Italy

NEW videos Anonymous at the Million Mask March 2015. The network of hackers announced a statement presenting what is going to be the gathering of the global hacktivist, which is held annually in the streets of the major countries around the world.From the US to the UK, via Italy.In our country demonstrations are planned in Rome, Naples and Milan, but do not exclude other cities.

“Dear citizens of the world, We are Anonymous! – says the statement posted on the blog of Anonymous Italy -.

Too many of us struggle in this sewer full of lies and censorship, controlled by corporations and pseudo-governmental organizations, called the Company.

We are never truly free, rather we become objects for the consumption of the institutions that take advantage of our work to finance themselves, institutions that leave us in the streets without a roof , a meal or a sign of civilization.

The same institutions who despise those who want to think, dream and change. ” The text continues: “But this gives us strength, makes us united, the ideas of millions of people may become one in the same flag.

It ‘s time to change. We feed their machines. We Are their machines.

They devour the fruits of our work. We had an idea, a simple, and that is’ spread like wildfire in the hearts of activists, writers, poets and artists.

They try every day to suppress it, kill it, but their every attempt we become more ‘strong, more’ together with novel antibodies. “

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