Anonymous Hacks the 2016 Olympics – Brazil Government and WADA Targeted

Anonymous followed through on dangers coordinated toward the coordinators of the 2016 Olympics and the Brazilian government. The Olympics have drawn a focus on the social, political and monetary conditions that have left the country fashioned with struggle and strife. Hacktivists posted on the Anonymous Brazil Facebook page the objectives that would have been hit. Among them were the Brazilian Sports Ministry, the Rio de Janeiro landing page and the authority 2016 Olympic landing page.

Anonymous Hacks the 2016 Olympics

The principal information dump contained no individual data or touchy government information, rather giving just the sites complete databases. The locales dumped were from the Brazilian Handball Federation, the Brazilian Triathlon Federation, the Brazilian Boxing alliance and the Modern Pentathlon Federation.

The second clump of information dumps focused on Brazilian Paralympic Committee and the administration entry for the city of Rio. “The media offers the figment that the entire city celebrates and honor the gathering of voyagers from everywhere throughout the world, a large number of them pulled in by the prostitution system and medications at a deal cost. This false joy conceals the carnage in suburbia of the city, primarily in the favelas on account of endless police attacks and military under the appearance of a fake war,” read the announcement that went with the hacks.

The offer to have the Olympics was won by Brazil in 2009, a period when the nation did not expect its desperate social conditions. A political outrage including Petrobas, the country’s biggest oil maker, saw many government officials ensnared, including their leader. Other than embarrassment, the nation has been shaken with an overwhelming economy emergency, with numerous police, instructors and government representatives encountering delays in accepting their compensation. Zika is another staggering variable in the present condition of Brazil. While the Olympics is not the reason for Brazil’s issues, they highlight the lavishness that the Olympics seems to convey to every city it visits, with the differentiating reality of Brazil’s declining status.

Anonymous Hacks the 2016 Olympics

Unknown Brazil were by all account not the only programmers getting included. Individuals from the Anonymous Poland bunch turned over a stolen record hacked from WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency. The record contained 412mb worth of email record information, including passwords and the individual data of the site’s creators. The data was swung over to HackRead, a hacktivist site whose motto is Security Is A Myth. While reports recommend that the stolen information, including 3,121 email records, was an arbitrary assault, the planning of the hack nearly compares with the choice to prohibit the Russian Paralympic group from rivalry over a modest bunch of fizzled medication tests. Delegates from WADA concede the hack happened, yet assert that no testing information has been bargained.

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