#OpTrump Already Begun – Anonymous Declared War on Trump!

#OpTrump Already Begun Anonymous Declared War on Trump After Making hate Speech against Muslims! He Said, to Ban Muslims to enter in American!

After his Hate Speeches, Lot’s of Articles Published on his Speeches and he’s on Top News Trending as well, That’s what he wanted as well. These recent statements have caused a storm of controversy across the world, even forcing neocons to denounce Trump as a viable candidate.

After the video, anons took to social media displaying screenshots of the collective launching a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on Trumps website,, which is dedicated to informing readers about “New York City’s prestigious Fifth Avenue icon.”

According to US Uncut, the site was down for at least an hour. However, it now appears to be fully functional, yet slow, once again.

The attack on Trump coinciding with the attack on ISIS this week highlights the sheer diversity of the hacker collective. Friday is official “ISIS Trolling Day” and including Trump alongside this event speaks to the potential for tyrannical madness exuded by this maniac.

ISIS is a deadly threat to the world and, consequently, so is Trump’s rhetoric which plays right into their mission of polarizing the world for war. It is heartening, to say the least, to see people aware of this notion and taking action to expose it.

It’s unclear as to what the hacking collective’s plans are next in #OpTrump. However, if it’s anything close to what they’ve done to ISIS, Trump better is on the lookout.

Donald Trump vows to ban Muslims from entering the US

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