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America’s founders, will despairing: Apple

iPhone up to the American company Apple has termed the equivalent of strife with the iPhone’s US government request to help unlock that America’s founders, will despairingly.

US Department of Justice had ordered us to open the iPhone San Bernardino accused Rizwan Farooq attack.

Human rights chief expresses support for the Apple.

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But in Apple’s war orders, the company’s position that it would be a “dangerous” precedent. The trial scheduled for March 22 in federal court.

Last year opened fire in the city of California Farooq and his wife in December killed 14 people. The policeman was also killed both attackers. FBI wants access to the contents Farooq iPhone is the phone lock can be opened with the correct code entry.

The content will be lost once the phone to enter the wrong code, after which the FBI had asked Apple to help open the phone correctly.

Apple’s many times it’s been said that the OS will affect the security of millions of users to prepare a version of the iPhone will be an example.

FBI court order cited a 1789 law, which gives the court can force companies to help investigate crimes. But Apple’s recent response that is using the law to the Justice Department, policy and political solution. ‘According to the court may order the private parties that will be on the FBI and Department of Justice are thinking.’

But the FBI says that encryption is a smart phone, warrant-proof.

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March is director of the FBI, said James coma that is fixed from the beginning of the country’s law enforcement officers may enter your home for the appropriate reporting and monitoring. To me that means that logic is that they could not have imagined a box or storage area of the storage area, in which they enter.

He said: “In a society where we want to be safe, where my family and I want to protect children, there is very engaging to talk as fundamental values of privacy that is not in fact so we may have to find a way to combine the two.

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