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ADAPTED TO MICROSOFT Twitter for Windows 10 in a new edition

Some would say that Twitter for lack of creativity “wakes up” only when the Redmond decide to market a new operating system, your thesis will be based on the new release of popular social networks … Of course things are not nearly so radical, but in the absence of “serious” news web community is very happy to deal with and such speculation.

Tomorrow, as you know, Microsoft is its official, publicly available version of the new operating system Windows 10, which prompted Twitter to customize your interface “tens”. Since its launch Twitter for Windows 8, and it was in March 2013, applications for the Microsoft platform practically not undergone any changes, so it is clearly the right time to introduce a new theme that was developed for Windows 10 OS.

That’s what the novelties prepared there too much information, but not all users working on Windows and use Twitter hoping for improvements. On the official repository of the Microsoft Store was published a new Twitter application for PC and mobile devices, making it clear how to use all the functionality needed to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10th What all users are most interested in, or what had the most problems is the question of whether they will be corrected and improved “quote” system, but that is impossible to find out anything concrete.

It is evident revised user interface, but that part, no matter how visually interesting, less important than the functionality of the application to which many of the Windows operating systems have a lot of complaints. The new version of Twitter is available for download now, but only if you have already installed Windows 10 OS, writes portal “Zimo”. 

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