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A Person Charged For Possessing 58 Terabytes Of Child Sex Misconduct

Ryan S. Hernandez, a 21-year-old Palm-dale, California resident, also pleaded guilty to accessing Nintendo Co. Servers from LTD, and abuse of confidential knowledge. The perpetrator has acknowledged having committed numerous criminal offences such as hacking attacks and storing files on child pornography.

Hernandez was charged back in June 2019 when he was a juvenile he already hacked into Nintendo Co. computers by then. It was in 2016 that he first tried to reach Nintendo’s servers. Hernandez has allegedly used very simple phishing tactics to manipulate Nintendo Co.’s staff into turning over the company’s internal network access credentials to him.

Using the knowledge he infiltrated the computers of the organization and accessed crucial data about unreleased Nintendo items like the Switch Console, which he later posted online. With the aid of a friend he committed the cyber-crime and used the electronic Identity “RyanRocks” to hack Nintendo’s servers.

Hernandez, previously identified as Ryan West, was approached by the FBI in October 2017 while the agency was reviewing the intrusion. At that point, the perpetrator managed to evade arrest by offering the investigation team pledge to avoid disruptive acts and claiming that he fully acknowledged the repercussions of such behavior.

Nevertheless, the second time in 2018 he infiltrated Nintendo Co’s computers and robbed the company’s famous video games, development software and gaming consoles.

He held out the second assault not to gain swift cash but to show off his hacking skills and become famous on social networking sites such as Discord and Facebook, according to the accused. He also operated an online chat room called Ryan’s Underground Hangout to address the flaws of the Nintendo Network and leaked details on unreleased goods.

He accepted to plead guilty and accept $259,323 as a refund to Nintendo after receiving confirmation from attorneys in defense and prosecution that he would spend just three years in jail. this now relies, however, on the prosecutor who will convict him to a cumulative term of five years for computer manipulation and 20 years for child pornography possession.

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