“A few western countries dominate the knowledge of Wikipedia”

Wikipedia describes a world watched with the eyes of the West? It would seem so, judging from a study of the University ofOxford . Explain that half of all changes made ​​to the articles of the popular online encyclopedia have been written only in five countries: USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy.

To give just one example, the Netherlands, which are not among those five, produce more fixes all the countries of Africa put together.

“The democratization of the Internet is not equivalent to a democratization of the investments to the voices of Wikipedia . The results of this Research shows that there is a cultural bias determined by who has the money, “says Professor Mark Graham of the University of Oxford, who led the research.The study lasted three years.

Wikipedia was founded in 2001 and is published in 300 languages. The online encyclopedia in the past has already faced problems equality, but about the kind of its editors, with an imbalance in favor of men.

So much so that the Royal Society, one of the oldest scientific institutions in Britain, has organized an annual event in an attempt to correct the gender imbalance of the site.

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