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9 Best Ways To Fix iPhone Not Receiving Messages

iPhones are generally considered the best smartphones ever built because of their eco-system and software. But sometimes it can cause problems with such basic phone functions that a person becomes totally dumfounded.

One of the problems which people generally encounter is the problem of a call failure or the phone’s inability to send or receive a text which becomes really hard especially when you need to fix passwords and require a code for starting an app.

To fix this issue we got some solutions. Try these out and your iPhone would be fixed.

1. Disable Airplane Mode

Sometimes phone’s technical issues can be fixed by enabling and disabling airplane mode. Go to the home screen of your phone; swipe Control Centre from the upper right corner. Enable it. Wait for a few minutes and disable it again and then check for messages by asking the person to send a text again or by again trying for the app code.

2. Restart iPhone

Sometimes this trick is commonly used by people to fix the problem of the iPhone not sending or receiving messages. Hold the power and volume button at the same time for a second and restart your phone, and then check for messages.

3. Check Network Connection

Sometimes phone signals are the main culprits. In a place where there is no connection, it is impossible to send or receive messages. On the upper right corner of your phone screen you can check the network connection strength besides the network name. Wait for good signals and then try again.

4. Update Carrier Settings

Carrier updates are set out on the phone for call and message experience. Sometimes settings in the carrier updates are outdated which causes the main issue in receiving and sending messages on iPhone.

So to resolve the issue, try updating the carrier setting on your phone.

On your phone go to “Settings” and Open “General”. Tap on “About Menu”. Move down to “Personal” and click “Network Provider”. It would be updated to the latest version.

5. MMS Messages

Sometimes the messages are in the form of pictures or videos and are being sent as text messages form, in that way you will not receive the messages. So to get the message to enable MMS messages. For that, go to open the Settings on the iPhone. Go to Messages. Move down to the SMS/MMS part and enable the MMS Messaging toggle.

6. Rest Network Settings

To fix the issue of not receiving or sending messages you can try to use the iPhone’s Reset Network Settings option. It is built-in. simply go to the “Settings”, to “General” and then to “Reset Menu”. Click on Reset Network Settings and your settings would be get reset.

7. Enable iMessages

Sometimes people make use of this trick whenever they encounter the message issues on the iPhone. Simply, disable iMessage and then enable it again. For this, go to “Settings” on your phone. Go to “Messages” and disable iMessages. Wait for a few seconds and Enable it again.

8. Delete Irrelevant Messages

Sometimes phone’s storage is so less that the phone does not receive any new messages. For that simply delete messages from settings. Go to the Settings on the iPhone. Go to Message History. Delete messages to get some space in your phone so that you can receive new messages.

9. Update iPhone

Go to Settings, click General, and then the Software Update menu. Your phone would be updated and many technical issues would be resolved. It is important to do so as sometimes not updating iPhone causes lots of problems including interference with the messaging system.

We hope that by now your issue has been resolved and you got the messages you were waiting for. Don’t forget to share these tech tricks with your friends if they are facing the same issue. Leave your feedback on iPhone messaging issue.

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