7 Theftproof Android Security Apps

In cases of robbery and thefts, there should be a way to recover your precious devices. Graciously, there are ways to protect and recover them!

Technologies are now the most crucial component of our lives. From studies to entertainment, everything is now dependent on gadgets, and most importantly, on phones.

Android phones are considered hard to get back after being stolen. However, there are methods through which it can be recovered. It can happen anytime in any way in the least expected form. So, we should be prepared for the worst.

When it comes to security, there are some built-in options by Google, through which stolen or lost phones can be located. With that, there are some other options available too. A few of them along with details are listed below:

1. Find My Device:

In Android’s security options, “Find My Device” is considered the best anti-theft app. It can be easily acquired through the “Find My Device” web or smartphone application.

It is enabled by default, but it is better to keep on checking in case it turns off by accident. You can download the app and get it activated from the Settings located in Google Security.

This app enables the owner of the device,

  • To inaccessibly turn off the phone
  • Sign out of the device
  • Erase the entire data
  • Write down the lock screen message remotely

With all these features, it is extremely easy to protect your device before any tragedy occurs. Furthermore, it is a free application.

2. Cerberus:

Cerberus is the most powerful arbitrary app for Android that protects the phone with its amazing feature. It is the most outstanding app as compared to others when it comes to the protection of the devices.

It is not available on the Play Store but can be easily accessed via Google Chrome. You can download it through APK from the official website and then sideload the app into your Android device.

This app provides numerous security features, such as:

  • It tracks the location of the phone
  • Clears out all the data
  • Alerts the phone by setting alarms and uploading call logs
  • Captures pictures and videos of the thief and records audios
  • Uploads the thief’s data on Cloud
  • In case of a changed SIM card, it turns off the phone instinctively
  • In the case of the wrong pin, it captures the photo

Although, not being on the App Store, it is still one of the most recommended apps in terms of Android Security.

3. Anti-Theft Alarm:

This app is mainly concerned with alarming and alerting the device in case of theft. It is an immensely convenient app, as it works before the theft, but not after it.

You can ascertain this application from Google’s Play Store. It is easily accessible to every Android device.

It provides the following features:

  • It would go on to ring a loud sound alarm, which would not stop without a password. If someone:
  1. Steals the phone
  2. Takes it from where it was placed before
  3. Changes the SIM card
  • Getting the phone on silent, removing the battery or sim card would not have any effect on the loud alarm

This is also a completely free app, providing useful and reliable features, and is highly recommended for Android devices.

4. McAfee Mobile Security:

Mainly known for its Antivirus services, it also comprises theft-proof features which include;

  • In case of entering the incorrect pin code thrice, the device gets locked automatically
  • Tracks location of the phone
  • Snaps picture of the culprit
  • Also provides alerts and alarm features

It is a completely free app and provides security against viruses, as well as thieves.

5. CrookCatcher:

It is yet another amazing application providing the surety of security and regain of the devices against thefts. Its features include:

  • Emailing the picture, accurate location of the person dialing the wrong code to access the device, after the set counts.
  • This app does not run in the background. Hence, saves the battery of the device.

It is also an utterly free app containing a few ads. Install and regain your device in no time.

6. Prey:

Prey is another theftproof app providing security. Its features depend upon the billing system of the app. However, the main features include:

  • Automatic Screenlock (in case of theft)
  • Alerts via written texts
  • GPS Tracker
  • IP Addresses
  • Clears and recovers the data

It is available free, and in premium as well. Its features are commendable, and therefore, it is highly recommendable.

7. Where’s My Droid:

Where’s My Droid is also absolutely a tremendous app providing amazing features including:

  • GPS Tracker of the phone
  • Sends alerts in case SIM changes
  • Uninstallation prevention
  • Clicks pictures of the person trying to hijack the phone

It is an amazing app available free as well as in premium.


Apart from these apps, we should be vigilant in protecting our devices, as it not only costs heavily but also costs all our data stores inside them. Everything should be locked by enabling passcodes, which should not be shared with anyone. Stay connected and stay safe!

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