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6 Best Ways For Password Cracking Methods?

Passwords are going to be the easiest way to get into someone’s computer. However, even though you have to be highly skilled in order to get a password correct the first time.

But, there’re other ways that you are able to go about hacking into someone’s password. Some passwords are not going to be able to hacked because of how everyone is constantly told that they need to make sure that they have strong passwords in order to make sure that they are not hacked.

How to crack Passwords?

  1. Dictionary Attack: This is when you use actually dictionary words in order to try and hack someone’s password. This is used by trying to determine different passphrase and using a trial and error method.
  2. Brute Force Attack: The motto for the brute force attack is to crack passwords. A brute force attack will try every possible combination in order to crack the password. (With people being smarter as technology changes, the growing size of passwords is making it hard for brute force to be able to crack the passwords. This is very similar to the dictionary attack but is basically an upgraded version.)
  3. Phishing Attack: This is the easiest method so far, Phishing ask a user for its passwords in a unique and different way. As the hacker, you are able to create fake emails, apps, pages and other things that are going to ask you to log in with your id and password. At the point in time that you have logged in, your password are instantly transmitted into the hacker’s computer from them to be able to access you sensitive date.
  4. Viruses, Trojans and other Malware: A virus is a program that hacker can develop in order to destroy their intended target. These worms and viruses can get in a user’s system and therefore given hacker full use of the system. At this point in time, a hacker has full use of the network or machine and can spread the virus through emails or other hidden applications.
  5. Shoulder Surfing: This is the practice of spying on the user of any electronic device in order to obtain personal information. This usually found in eye catching notes that are stuck in front of your monitor that keep asking you to login.
  6. Port Scan Attack: This is a technique that is used in order to find the weakness on any given server. Normally it is used by those who are responsible for security in order to find vulnerabilities within the system. (Port Scan Attacks are used to send messages to a port while waiting for as response. The data that is received from the open port is then an invitation )

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