These Are The 6 Best Open Source Reddit Alternatives You Must Visit

A few months ago Reddit declared that it won’t allow its website’s open-source code to be public.

In this article, I’ll give you all a few names of alternates for Reddit source code and a brief description of them. From here, it’s up to you to select the most suitable source code for you. You must keep in mind that some of these may not be very famous. All these sources are worth a try.

Note: this list is not based on ranking

#1 Voat

It is probably the most popular source code on this website. It gained popularity in 2014 when Reddit was facing some controversial issues. It’s basically a lot like Reddit. But, some people believe that they are supportive of spreading shady and salty news. On the other hand, if you just wanna stick to technology, science, etc. Then, I’m sure this source code is a great platform for you to express your views.

Its name is originated from a mixture of two words “vote” and “goat

#2 Raddit

And again, this source code is also similar to Reddit. You can share the news using pictures, links, posts, etc via threaded comments. It is built using the Symfony framework. You can rank your favorite post by upvoting them. To access this code it is not necessary for you to add an email. If you don’t add an email, this code saves your IP address for 7 days automatically. Its homepage is safe and clean to use. The topics are sorted out under the headings of Hot, new, top, and all. On the right side, further categories are featured like subreddits.

#3 Steemit

It is a very different source code from the one provided here. It is almost like the mixture of Reddit and quora. You can post your own content here and you’ll get them tokens according to the upvotes you’ve received. Steem was developed to promote steemit. You have to create an account to use this site. You’ll be needing an email and a phone number for that. If you just wanna visit the site then no email is required. It is a very good platform for the ones who are searching for income.

#4 Voten

It is also known as “real-time social bookmarking” for the 21st century. It is a brand new source code with the idea of giving power to people with brilliant ideas and debatable content. Its interface is clean to use. Its content is categorized under Hot, new, rising, etc. On the left, you can find further categories. It is not a popular source code so there won’t be many people to discuss your ideas with.

#5 Telescope

Build your own Reddit alternative with Telescope

Using your old Reddit source code you can create one of your own. If not, then you can use Telescope’s free and open-source code. You can create a new source code easily by following the steps and rules provided on Telescope’s website.

#6 Snapzu

(Free, not open)

Although, it is not open it is very popular that’s why it has made its way to the list. This website is very eye-catching. Its main purpose is to gather people from all around the world to discuss daily life matters. For visiting you don’t necessarily have to provide your personal information this site supports anonymity. But if you’re a blogger/influencer then you’ll have to give information for payout purposes. People can up-vote or down-vote the posts they like or dislike. Individual communities here are called tribes. You can select the tribe of your choice.

I’m sure you’d love these source codes, do give them a try.

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