5 Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin

With jQuery ready wordpress notification bar plugins, we can include effective note to our text in the web pages with minimum coding for wordpress bloggers. The costless and dynamic looking notification has got number of features.

Lets have a look on the 15 WordPress Notification Bar Plugin:

  1. Header Bar Plugin

This plugin is used to create a notification bar, which is used to divert traffic to a specific part of your website.


 2. The NotiBar Notification Bar WordPress Plugin

It allows to you add a notification bar into your site but with the official NotiBar Plugin.


3. The Hello Bar Notification Bar WordPress Plugin

It enables you to simply copy and paste the code from hellobar.com tp your interface of WOrdPress.


4. Notification Bar WP plugin

it give you the cool look for a notification bar. it also enable you to give the visitors an extended  message whose settings could be changed in the background of the setting.


5. Boombar WordPress Notification bar Plugin

this plugin adds notification bar at the top and bottom of the site. this enable your site visitors to read the special message or alert inserted by you.


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