5 Best Apps To Capture Photos Of Intruders On Your Android Device

These are few apps which let you capture photos of intruders on your Android device, if they enters a wrong password or PIN. It sends the location of device along with the photos of intruder to your email address without alerting the person.

5 Best Apps To Capture Photos Of Intruders On Your Android Device

1. Third Eye

Third Eye is the most basic app that you can use on your Android for the task. Once the app it installed, it will function in the background and take a snap from the front camera every time it detects wrong PIN or pattern is entered. A number of wrong attempts can be configured which is set to one by default.

2. Crook Catcher

Crook Catcher is another app you can use to capture photos of intruders, but this one has some additional tricks up its sleeves. While you set up the app, it will ask you if you would like to email the photos and location for unsuccessful attempts. If you agree, the app will not only store the records in the app but will also send you an email to your default email address with the intruder photos and location.

3. Lockwatch – Thief Catcher

Lockwatch - Thief Catcher

Lockwatch – Thief Catcher is for the free version is just like Crook Catcher which takes photos of intruders and emails it to you. But if you unlock the pro version or $4.99 you get a lot of additional features that can keep your device protected all the time. The app brings in the feature to detect SIM change and force power off which will send an email to the owner.

4. Hidden Eye

Hidden Eye is a relatively new app on the list which clicks the Intruder selfie. With Hidden Eye, you can easily see who has tried to unlock your smartphone without your authorization. It allows users to set the attempt limit anywhere from one to five and it saves the photographs on the phone’s gallery app. However, the app has few bugs, and it sometimes fails to capture the picture. Still, Hidden Eye is another best Android app to catch all snoopers with ease.

#5 Intruder Selfie

As the name of the app says, Intruder Selfie allows users to easily see who has tried to unlock their devices without authorization. The app has an excellent user interface, and it automatically captures the intruder selfie after a series of incorrect password attempt. By default, Intruder Selfie saves all captured images in the Gallery app. However, there’s an option to hide the pictures from the Gallery app. So, Intruder Selfie is another best Android app to capture the photo of anyone who tried to unlock your device with wrong passwords.

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