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3 Ways to Share Data in Dual Boot on Linux & Windows on Single Pc

There are simple ways that you can share your Personal Data on Linux & Windows on Dual Boot PCs, If you’re Running Linux & Windows on the Same Computer/Laptop, Perhaps your thinking to more files from Dual Booting Operating system. If your Windows is Primary Operating System, and Linux is your Secondary Operating System. Then you might even have to plan to remove Windows OS from your Computer at some point soon Because Linux is Better and Super Fast more than Win.

One of the things holding you back is the ability to access data between operating systems. Let’s see how we can work around this problem, and get your data where you want it.

Here Are Few Ways for Sharing Data!

Connect USB Storage or SD Card

Probably the most obvious solution – and less efficient – is to copy data to a removable storage device such as a USB flash drive or an SD card (after all, the SD cards have many uses). In this way, the data is copied from one operating system to another is copied to the removable storage, the PC rebooted, the operating system changed, and then the data is copied back to the hard drive.

Use an External Hard Disk Drive

There’s another way which is the fast and quick solution for sharing data, to employ and External HDD and connect your computer to USB, Again, if your USB is 3.0 that will be super fast, I suggest you use 3.0, not 2.0.

The External Drive need to have Formatted as FAT32 for this working, however, Linux generally isn’t keen on NTFS and Windows cannot read Ext2/3/4 without installing third-party tools and utility, I suggest you use FAT32 for this Purpose.

As an aside, in this era of removable disk drives and high-speed partitions easily created, there’s really no reason to store your personal data in the system unit, regardless of the operating system you are using. As a precaution disaster management, storing data in a non-system partition or external device makes much more sense to leave it at the default location.

Browse Windows HDD in Linux

Now, for the third part, Linux is Beast then Windows, and now you have installed both on the same computer Dual Boot. and You’re having a Problem of Sharing Data, you can Browse the drive and look for the files you need, copying them into the Linux partition if necessary.

To find your documents, expand the C: drive, and drill down to Documents and Settings [YOURUSERNAME]Documents, or Music, or Pictures, etc. You’ll be able to open compatible documents (images, audio and video files, most modern Microsoft Office documents) and use them in your preferred suitable Linux apps.

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