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3 Simple Ways To Disable Forced Windows 10 Update

The most discussed topic of Windows 10 forced issue on internet, The company being sending updates in order to make operating system more stable and protected. However users have repeatedly complaining about forced updates with no given choices.

But, Today we have 3 simple ways to disable forced windows 10 update.

These methods are listed as follows:

Method #1

The first method, which can be disable windows 10 forced updates can be done through Command line with running simple three commands, but first you need to open Command Prompt (CMD) with administrator privilege.

net stop wuauserv

It stops the Windows Update service.

net stop bits

This command stops background intelligent transfer service.

net stop dosvc

It stops delivery optimization service.


  1. Marking the Wi-Fi connection as metered
  2. Stopping the Windows 10 update service from the startup
  3. Windows 10 Home patch
  4. Changes in the Group Policy Editor
  5. Disabling specific updates

The above-mentioned ways to kill forced Windows 10 updates might be enough for you!

Now just in-case you wanna continue with upgrades and wanted to re-enable this! You can still do it via Command prompt.


net start wuauserc

net start bits

net start dosvc

Now before, We learned to disable Windows 10 forced updates, but now this will resume the upgrades.

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