12 Exceptional Offline Music Apps For Android In 2020

These days, smartphones are most desired to listen to music, way to the lots of music streaming apps available at the Google Play store and iOS app store. Without any doubt, nearly all of us on this global likes to listen to music. Music adds sense to the world that would have been boring with out it.

Well, streaming music or videos can be handy, however it additionally eats up your smartphone data. Due to the fact that data plans and data caps have become more high priced, perhaps it’s the perfect time to go back to offline music files. So, to play the offline music files, you want to have a music player app.

12 Exceptional Offline Music Apps For Android In 2020

There are lots of Android music player apps available at the Google Play store that could play music files stored for your gadgets. So, in this text, we’re going to share ten exceptional offline music player apps for Android 2020. It’s really worth noting that there are lots of music streaming apps like YouTube music, Spotify, etc. That offer the ability to download music for offline playback. However, we haven’t included one of these apps on the list. So, let’s explore the list of outstanding free offline music player apps for Android. With these apps, you could easily play the music files stored for your smartphone without an internet connection.


The AIMP is probably the great pick for you, in case you are looking for an easy to use and simple music player app in your Android smartphone. Other than that, the app helps a huge variety of music formats and additionally includes a 29-Band Equalizer. The incredible aspect about AIMP is that it scans and lists all music files stored to your internal and external storage without displaying any advertisements.

2. JetAudio

JetAudio is exceptional and top-rated music player apps for Android 2020 that you may use right now. The splendid factor about JetAudio is that it supports almost all major music file formats. No longer only that, but JetAudio also offers users 10-Band Equalizer, 32 Presets Lossy and Lossless Support. JetAudio is superb offline music player app on the listing that you could kept.

3. Phonograph

The Phonograph is probably the fantastic choice for you. Guess what? Phonograph offers users a huge variety of customization alternatives. Well, if you are looking attractive music player app for your Android device, then must pick out this. For further enhancement, you could change the whole music player theme, colors, and so on. Other than that, Phonograph supports a extensive range of popular music file formats.

4. Pixel Player

Pixel player is another high-quality free offline music player app at the listing which you may use on Android. The offline music player app for Android is quite light-weight and it acquired plenty of appreciated reviews on the Google Play store. If we talk about the features, Pixel player supports handiest primary music file formats, it has 5-Band Equalizer, Bass Boost, Gapless Playback, and many others.

5. Shuttle Player

The shuttle player is probably the first choice for you, if you are looking for are handiest, easy to use and lightweight Android app to play music files which can be locally stored. If we talk about the features and capabilities of shuttle player, the music player app has a 6-Band Equalizer, Bass Boost Feature, Built-In Tag Editor, Folder Browsing, Chromecast Support, and many others.

6. BlackPlayer

The music player app offers users plenty of customization alternatives like Theme Support, Fonts, and so on. BlackPlayer is one of high-quality free offline music player app at the list which is known for its clean and trendy design. The music player app for Android supports a extensive range of music file formats and its really the best music player app that you could use right now. Other than that, BlackPlayer also offers a 5-Band Equalizer, Gapless Playback, Sleep Timer, etc.

7. Impulse Music Player

Impulse music player is a gesture-controlled music player app at the listing which is recognized for its intuitive user interface. Amongst all the ones, the gesture control feature is the incredible one. So, Impulse music player is one of trendy offline music player app that you could kept. The key features of the Impulse music player include Bass Boost, Virtualizer, Gapless Playback, Crossfade, Metadata Editing, and so on.

8. Rocket Player

Rocket player is one of the oldest music player app available out there, and it gives users a extensive range of beneficial capabilities. Rocket player is a totally customizable offline music player app available on the Google Play store. With the free version of Rocket player, you will get features like 10-Band Equalizer, 30 Themes for customization, Tag Editor, Chromecast Support, and so on.

9. PlayerPro

The PlayerPro is probably the prior pick out for you. if you are looking a attractive and trendy and speedy music player app on your Android gadget. The awesome aspect about PlayerPro is its plugin support. So, the features of the music player app can be extended with the plugins.The music player app also presents users a Built-In Tag Editor, a couple of Audio Effects, 5-Band Graphic Equalizer, and many others. Other than that, PlayerPro additionally permits users to browse and play music files in exclusive ways – by albums, artists, composers, genres, and many others.

10. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar music player is one of satisfactory offline audio player app without advertisements. Aside from that, the music player packs almost every essential features to meet your music needs. The music player is known for its splendid user-interface that matches each detail of material design guidelines.

11. YouTube Music

The exquisite thing about YouTube music is that it facilitates you find out new music. YouTube music is one of the great music apps that you may use in your Android smartphone. With the premium version, you may avail the offline music playback feature. Other than that, it curates playlist and recommendations primarily based on your context and taste.

12. Google Play Music

Google Play music is basically a music streaming service in which you may get access to millions of songs and download anything to listen offline. However, for offline listening, you want to enroll in a premium plan. The free version of Google Play music can only play local files offline.


Well, these are the twelve exceptional offline music player apps for Android 2020. I’m hoping this article helped you! Give your feedback. Also share with your friends. 🙂

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