100+ Best YouTube Channels for Frontend Developers

A collection of useful YouTube channels for javascript developers and web designers.

On YouTube you can find tons of learning material in every programming language. Though most of published videos intended for beginners and only cover basics, some of them are valuable for more advanced developers.

To be really useful for this list I haven’t included channels that mostly publish promo videos for their paid courses. Also, I haven’t included channels with only beginner-level videos and every channel that I suspect of violating copyright.

The list sorted in alphabetical order and doesn’t reflect my preferences, but some of reviews contain a must watch section that based on my opinion.

Feel free to make a pull request with missing channel.

English language channels

Conferences recordings

Русскоязычные каналы

  • Sorax — основы CSS и JavaScript, обзоры инструментов, подкасты;
  • Hexlet – курсы по Computer Science, введение в JavaScript, вебинары, подкаст об информатике;
  • Илья Кантор – скринкасты по Node.js, Gulp и Webpack;
  • webtheory — HTML5 и CSS3, CoffeeScript;
  • Magisters — основы HTML и JavaScript, видеокурс по Bootstrap;
  • JSPirates — уроки по Node.js;
  • roman01la — функциональный JavaScript, ClojureScript, React & Flux, доступность;
  • Ros Ivanov — БЭМ, PostCSS, Jade, инструменты;
  • Moscow Coding School — курсы JavaScript;
  • Точка.dev — Vue.js;
  • loftblog — новости, обзоры, всевозможные курсы по HTML, CSS, JavaScript и разным инструментам/библиотекам;
  • uWebDesign — CSS, Sass, обзоры инструментов, подкасты;
  • Procode — HTML5, GameDev;
  • Технострим Mail.Ru Group — лекции образовательных проектов Mail.ru group;
  • webformyself — CSS, HTML, обзоры;
  • Monsterlessons — JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, React, Redux, Webpack, Lodash, Git;
  • CodeDojo — HTML, ES6, React, Angular, Flexbox;
  • WebUpBlog — HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript;
  • Pa Dam Tuts — HTML5 Canvas, CSS;
  • MakeWeb.me — CSS, Bootstrap, инструменты, переводы англоязычных видео;
  • WebDesign Master — вёрстка, обзоры плагинов и инструментов;
  • Learn Programming — Node.js, HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Three.js, GameDev;
  • HTML Academy — обзоры инструментов, автоматизация.

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