10 Reasons To Avoid Cheap Web Hosting For WordPress Websites

If you’re deciding on Web Hosting for your WordPress website, there would be a lot of decisions to make especially in terms of investing in a startup powered by a WordPress website. Many of you do not want to go for expensive hosting for your websites because of various reasons and to counter that cheap hosting measures are taken.

It would not be a good step and would not lead to promising long-term benefits. Listed below are the main reasons for not opting for cheap hosting for your WordPress website.

1. Limited Server Resources

Limited Server Resources

There are various system requirements for a WordPress site. It permits you to empower your site with content and functionalities. But with a cheap hosting server, your resources would be limited to an unexplainable amount. You would not be able to benefit your site with the resources that WordPress grants.

Memory, storage, and bandwidth limit would be lesser and would cause you troubles and you would be left with no choice other than to stop with everything that could enrich your site. If you really want good server resources, you can get those at affordable hosting. Even though it would not be cheap, but it would not be as expensive either, totally worth it.

2. Poor Website Performance

Poor Website Performance

For better website performance, cheap hosting could never work. Without WordPress back-end software stack optimizations, Solid-State Drive (SSD), Server location updates, Content Delivery Network (CDN) location, your site will not work effectively. It would lose traffic, bad impact in terms of stability, you would lose ranking, and also it would make the website slower. To have a better performance, better hosting is essential.

3. Continuous Downtime

When you use a cheap WordPress hosting service, there always a never-ending downtime of your site. It makes your viewers unable to view the content on your site or your site. A reliable hosting service usually never faces downtime. Having downtime for a long time can affect your website to a whole new level, yet again you would end up losing the traffic.

4. Bad Support Quality

Even with the good performance and less downtime, the customer care of the cheap hosting service is worse than you can ever imagine. The technicians would not be capable enough to solve all the problems you would face. The bigger and main issues like a technical issue, billing issue, errors on the website would cause you troubles and your time and energy would be wasted a lot as cheap hosting services never really respond to your issues, even if they do, they take a lot of time and you would not be even updated within time about the solutions of your issues.

5. Poor Documentation

Poor hosting services mostly never provide any documentation, even if they do; it is really bad quality-wise and mostly outdated and useless.

6. Backups

In case your site meets any trouble in any form, backups usually provide an opportunity to clear out chaos and have a second option 24/7 available, to restore your stuff. Cheap hosting services do not provide backups. Regular, daily backups are essential, especially for an active worker. In a cheap hosting server, everything seems nice but as time passes by, troubles start becoming crystal clear.

7. Non-Scalable

Most of the cheap hosting services are not scalable to meet future requirements. So, if you are availing of a cheap hosting service, you would be left to just regret it. Upgrading to increase your traffic would become a hell of a work. In case they are scalable, you would have to migrate your WordPress by yourself manually, without any help.

8. Hidden Costs

Cheap hosting services fool the customers as much as they can. They would ask for more money for even basic features. In a reliable service, several features are free and they come with the service. If you start paying extra for every feature, the overall cost would be even more than the expensive service.

9. Security Issues

Increasing amounts of malicious attacks make it a necessity to have better security measures. Cheap hosting services do not provide security even the basic ones, they claim to it but they actually don’t. It is far better to be safe than sorry. While making a WordPress website, cybersecurity issues should be your first priority, and grant it in safe hands.

10. Unreliable

Cheap hosting services actually do not care about your website. No automatic backups, no security scans, no regular updates of server, you would not even know and your site would vanish before your eyes.


Keeping in view all the mentioned points, it is advised to look into your hosting service keenly and then decide upon any. Do not go for too cheap, even if you are availing very expensive. Try to find a middle ground in terms of investment and do not compromise on the mentioned points especially security. SiteGround and ScalaHosting are the most reliable platform for starter sites.

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